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www . | May - June 2018 | 13 ML OPENING SESSION On Tuesday, April 17, Reliable Plant kicked off with the opening general session emceed by Wesley Cash, director of technical services for Noria. After welcoming everyone, Cash told the audience that "Reliable Plant is not your ordinary conference. It's a gathering of people driving change in our industry." Cash highlighted the six companies that have been with Reliable Plant for all 19 years: ALS Tribology, Beckman Coulter, Dexsil, Esco, Spectro Scientific and Y2K Filtration. He also touched on the 21 new companies exhibiting in Indianapolis. With sponsors such an integral part of the Reliable Plant experience, each sponsoring company was recognized and presented with a trophy during the opening general session. Moving on in the program, Cash switched the focus to the need for professional development, sharing his personal story of gaining advanced skills and how training and certification go hand-in-hand when elevating your skillset. "Before I started with Noria, my lubrication experience was largely the wrong way to do things. As we think about reliability and condition monitoring, we know these are skilled tasks. You have to be skilled to take oil samples and vibration readings to know what the signatures are actually telling us," he said. "And what skilled task can we do without training? It's very hard to do, so training is very important. Certification adds weight to your voice, to your suggestions, to your recommendations." Cash then introduced Leslie Fish, executive director of the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML), who touched on the number of certified individuals in the audience. "It is awesome to see all of the certifications that have been given out over the number of years for everyone out in the audi- ence," she said. Fish also gave the audience a brief overview of the ICML and all the offerings for industry professionals. A highly anticipated portion of Fish's presentation was the revealing of the 2017 recipients of the John R. Battle Award for lubrication excellence and the Augustus H. Gill Award for oil analysis excellence: Jacobs Engineering and Ingredion (Winston-Salem). Jacobs Engineering, working out of the Kennedy Space Center, was named the 2017 Gill Award winners. The company worked with NASA on applying reliability-enhancing strategies at the Kennedy Space Center to develop a world-class oil analysis program. "We've been working toward this level of excellence since 2013 when the contract started, and we are looking forward to continuously improving throughout the rest of the contract," said Sean Hollis, reliability engineer at Jacobs Engineering. As the recipient of the Battle Award, Ingredion (Winston-Salem) underwent a complete transformation in its lubricant storage and handling practices, resulting in the company creating a world-class lubrication program. "This journey started in 2009. I entered the picture a few years ago and have been really blessed to work with the team you see up here," said Jeff Mohn, maintenance manager at Ingredion. "The team has worked incredibly hard and gone through a lot of training. We've worked through our shutdowns and any other available time for them to get to this point. They've done an incredible job. I also appreciate the support outside the company, working with Noria." GLAD TO BE HERE The opening general session then shifted into the keynote address by Greg "Boss" Wooldridge, who shared his story of leading the Blue Angels and how he's learned keys to developing high- performing teams. Referencing the "Glad to Be Here" stickers placed on chairs in the room, Wooldridge said those serve as an everyday reminder of the Blue Angels, the foundation of their culture and their sense of attitude. ML

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