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Machinery Lubrication May - June 2018

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FOR THE ULTIMATE IN AROUND THE CLOCK BEARING PROTECTION... Newark, NJ 07105 / Toledo, OH 43605 / 800-733-4755 / Plant Surveys / Tech Support / Training Color Coded Lube Charts & Machine Tags Lubrication Software / Follow-Up Oil Analysis Backed By: ESP Lubriplate ® Complimentary Extra Services Package LOOK TO LUBRIPLATE® AND PERMA AUTOMATIC LUBRICATORS Permas Are Cost Effective Permas Prevent Breakdowns & Downtime Permas Are Fully Programmable Permas Improve Workplace Safety Perma automatic lubricators provide clean, safe, reliable and consistent machinery lubrication every day around the clock. They are fully programmable and deliver the right amount of lubricant consistently, day after day, week after week. A wide range of types and sizes are available to meet your exact needs. All come ready to install pre-filled, available with a wide variety of Lubriplate Quality Greases and Oils. They save time, reduce maintenance runs and improve workplace safety. 24 / 7 PROTECTION To Learn More About Lubriplate's Perma Lubricators Call John Girard at 862-229-1940 or visit

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