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32 | May - June 2018 | www . C o n s i d e r i n g t h e effects that contam- inat ion c a n have on lubrication, it's not difficult to understand why oil filtration is so important to industrial machinery. Without it, contaminants would pile up, and conta mina nt-induced abra sion would go uncontrolled, resulting in disrupted lubrication and machines more prone to premature failure. Depending on the equipment's needs, there are various types of oil filters, all of which are designed to capture different kinds of contam- inants with varying degrees of performance. Solid particles are the primary contaminant targeted by oil filters, but water also has an opportunity to be absorbed by many of these filters, including those made from cellulose fibers and coiled paper. is can even enhance the filter's ability to capture particles to a certain extent. However, if the filter is exposed to too much water, it can cause the filter to function improp- erly or even clog the oil flow. The Effects of Water Contamination on Oil Filters Contamination Control LESSONS IN LUBRICATION Bennett Fitch | Noria Corporation "If water- saturated filters are ignored for long periods of time, the filtration system will become compromised."

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