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www . | May - June 2018 | 51 tial pressure is lost because of the filter's location within the system. Each of these factors must be considered for the filtration system to work effectively. Of course, filtration is only half of the equation. Contamination control involves not just removing particles but also keeping them from entering the system. If more particles are coming into the system from ingression points like breather points, hatches and seals than being removed, the system will never be clean. erefore, you must have a balance of contaminant exclusion and contaminant removal methods. If an alternative approach is needed to remove contaminants from the hydraulic oil, technologies such as centrifugation, magnetic filtra- tion or a combination of periodic, portable filtration systems may be implemented. Although filters can be very efficient, sometimes they are not enough and must be complemented with other methods to remove the finer particles. For instance, with magnetic filtration, ferromagnetic particles can be captured regardless of their size. ese types of particles often make up nearly 90 percent of particles suspended in oil. Centrifuges also offer advantages over traditional filter media. The efficiency of a centrifuge is consistent throughout its service, and the lower limit of its particle size trapping capa- bility can be much less than 1 micron. While several other technologies are available to enhance the abilities of a typical oil filter, the best advice would be to thoroughly evaluate the filter system currently installed and then develop a plan of action based on the findings. ML If you have a question for one of Noria's experts, email it to ML Quality Service Expertise Find us online at ( 800.749.5823 Kl├╝ber Lubrication NA LP Summit products are made in U.S. Save Time and Money by Using Ultima Series Enjoy the economic, machine and lubricant-life benefits of using the right Summit synthetic oil in the right application. Summit's synthetic Ultima Series air compressor lubricants offer drain intervals of 12,000 plus hours under normal operating conditions. Talk to our experts and find out if Ultima is the right lubricant for your compressor.

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