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That's the fine line she must travel. While she doesn't want anyone to think she only got the Gulfstream job because she is at- tractive and she doesn't believe that to be true, Courtney knows that in our society women are in fact judged by their looks and that attractive young women can have an easier time getting that tough-to-get job. As long as everything is handled properly and professionally, she's not going to apol- ogize if her looks and her Miss Connecticut status help her get ahead. "Look, if this is going to open doors for me, I'm going to let it open doors for me," she said. "Then I will prove myself after that." She works at one of the premier race- tracks in the world, likes what she's doing and raves about how well she has been treated by the Stronach Group, but there's another world out there that is a lot bigger, a lot more visible and lot more lucrative than being an in-house horse racing broad- caster. It's hard to imagine her not moving on to something more high-profile. And while she says all the right things about her current situation, she will not dismiss the idea that Gulfstream could be the first step to brighter lights and bigger paychecks. "Of course, I always want to do more," she said. "I would love to branch out. But horse racing is something I love and something I never expected I'd make a career out of. I'm

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