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Features • Full audit and reporting capabilities. Ability to view learner activity and progress • Expandable for users across multiple sites • Hierarchical structure • Certification upon course completion • Accessible on a wide variety of devices including computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone • Ability to constantly educate employees Benefits • Authorised personnel can track where their employees are on the roadmap to training and certification • Accessible for 1-1000+ users across various sites and/or countries • Access to a selection of courses dependent on skill level • Testing on each module highlights where further training or coaching is required • Available on multiple devices with a good sized screen meaning there is no need for a dedicated training facility. Perfect for on-the-go-personnel • Reduction of learning development costs and time I Holland Online Training Manage your learning flexibly I Holland Online Training gives you a large selection of multi-media materials to provide an engaging online learning experience. Courses are comprised of a variety of animations, illustrations, videos, diagrams and interactive quizzes. This training takes advantage of materials developed from I Holland's 70+ years of experience and we have developed a range of modules to cover your needs, In addition, these can be customised to individual company requirements.

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