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About US Torpac specializes in custom size/shape gelatin & cellulose capsules from 0.004ml to 110ml and laboratory scale capsule equipment for Size 000-5 and AAA-D capsules. Our customers include major pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Merck, Novartis, Patheon; independent manufacturers; and research laboratories. In animal health our customers include Animax, Bayer, Merial, and Virbac. Torpac has supported customers in developing patented uses and novel applications for capsules and capsule shells: tablet shape capsules; capsule-in-capsule, copper oxide in wire form, combination dose capsules, the female condom and enteral feeding tubes. Established in 1989 we have our sales & distribution center in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA and manufacture at an ISO-9002 facility just outside of Mumbai, India. Sizes 000-5, 00el-2el & AAA-D X900 is 9000- capsules per hour Sizes 00-4. Veterinary Size Capsules Veterinary size capsules (3ml to 110ml) for unit dosage of nutritional and medicinal products to dairy & beef cattle, calves, horses, farmed deer, etc. In use for products ranging from sustained release copper supplementation, to antibodies, to calcium for milk fever and vitamins, yeasts and probiotics. We offer a total solution: capsules, filling machines & dosing applicators. Custom size and shape capsules available for use in medical devices for human use. Capsules are compliant to USP, EP, US FDA guidelines, EU food animal directives and GMP+. Other Equipment ProMolds ™ For lab-scale trials & compounding of ready-to-dissolve tablets, lozenges, troches, suppositories, troches and tablet triturates. ProFunnels ™ A capsule stand and Tamper available in size 000-5 & respective el sizes. Great for use with an analytical balance. ProTRM ™ Three Roll Ointment Mill for particle size reduction in ointments & creams. Torpac Capsules, Inc. 56 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2018 Torpac Capsules, Inc. 333 US 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004 Tel: 973-244-1125 Fax: 973-244-1365 Products ProFiller ® ProFiller ® capsule fillers are high GMP, dishwasher safe and easy to operate. Our Fillers are a great solution for Pharmacies, R&D labs, and for clinical studies. A full line of accessories is available for our machines including Powder Vibrators, Partial Batch Kits and Over-Encapsulation attachments. 1100 100-Hole Hand-Held Filler 2000 - 3000 capsules per hour Sizes 000-5 & 00el-2el 100OE for sizes AAA-D 3600 300-Hole Hand-Held Filler 4500 - 6900 capsules per hour Sizes 000-4 & 00el-2el 3700 & X900 300-Hole Bench-Top Filler with Hand-Held and Fully Automatic Orienters 3700 is 6000 - 9000 capsules per hour

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