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Markets Served Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, aerospace and defense industries. Tri-Star laser marking and surface treatment systems are currently boosting production and bottom lines in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. Solutions In pioneering the use of lasers for the marking of pharmaceutical products, Tri-Star resolved the long-standing problem of splatter, blurring, contamination, costly and time-consuming cleaning and major disruptions associated with conventional inkjet and pad print- ers. Others followed Tri-Star's lead, but the company has maintained its preeminent position with a steady flow of ground-breaking products, the most recent of which is High- Speed UV Cold Laser. Company Description Tri-Star is a driving force in the development of laser markers that speed production, reduce costs, improve quality and assure security in the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. The company designs and crafts its systems in the USA for major corporations around the world. Tri-Star Technologies 58 | Solid Dosage Sourcebook 2018 Tri-Star Technologies 2201 Rosecrans Avenue El Segundo, CA 90245 310.536.0444 Current Major Product Tri-Star's UV Cold Laser Marker features ultra-fast marking of loose or pre-packaged tablets and gelatin capsules, enhanced high-resolution text, barcodes and graphics, and ease of operation. It enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to halt the runaway crisis of counter- feiting and drug theft with unmatched track and trace capabil- ity. It creates indelible, clear, per- manent, tamper-proof markings on individual tablets and gelatin cap- sules of any size with a unique, 100% verifiable identity. This is constantly tracked in real time through manufacturing and distribu- tion to the final consumer, who is guaranteed to receive the authentic prescribed medication. Made in the USA UV Cold Laser was conceived, designed and is built in the high- tech hub of El Segundo, California. All personnel are concentrated at one location, which encourages a creative environment in which new ideas can flourish, and ensures complete, efficient coordination from concept to realization. Looking to the Future Tri-Star's UV Cold Laser Marker is the result of an ongoing commit- ment to the development of original solutions addressing the real needs of the global pharmaceutical indus- try and evolving regulatory require- ments. It's the latest in the compa- ny's long history of game-changing innovations, with more to come.

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