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4 BioPharm International eBook June 2018 Single-Use Systems Materials Cattlaya Art/ Considering Silicone Tubing and Assemblies Silicone is one of the polymeric materials that can be used for single-use components and assemblies in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. S ingle-use systems (SUS) for biopharmaceu- tical manufacturing have components and assemblies made primarily from polymeric materials, such as silicone or thermoplastics (e.g., polyethylene). BioPharm International inter viewed Csilla Kollar, technical ser vices and development scientist, and Jennifer Gemo-Mathis, Global Bio-Pharma marketing leader, both at The Dow Chemical Company, which manufactures silicone tubing and assemblies for biopharmaceutical manu- facturing, about what to consider when specifying and using single-use systems. INDUSTRY TRENDS BioPharm: What trends do you see in the biopharma industry for single-use tubing and assemblies? Kollar and Mathis (Dow): The adoption of SUS, includ- ing tubing and assemblies, has seen a significant increase in the past decade not only in clinical trials, but also in large-scale drug manufacturing. The steady growth is a product of the industry's increased experi- ence and confidence with these systems. A key trend impacting the biopharma industry is the standardization from two perspectives. Firstly, the industry seeks solutions for standardized components, JENNIFER MARKARIAN

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