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Chandler-Gilbert Community College Course Catalog and Student Handbook for the 2017-2018 year.

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College Ser vices & Regulations | CGCC Catalog & Student Handbook 2019-2020 2 9 2019-2020 Projected Individual Flight Training Costs These are the projected costs for flight courses for the school year based on anticipated rates (*). Course costs are based on the average number of hours it takes a student to complete the course, and may vary from student to student according to their capability and motivation. Financial aid may be available to assist with these costs, but applying for aid must be done well in advance. Flight costs are in addition to tuition. Private Pilot AET110 - Private Pilot Certification $12,662.00 Instructor Time 83 hrs S.E. Simulator 3 hrs Cessna 172 52 hrs FAA Written** (1) hr Instrument, Commercial and Multi-Engine AET210 - Instrument Commercial Flight I (Lessons 1-35) $11,545.00 Instructor Time 70 hrs S.E. Simulator 15 hrs Cessna 172 44 hrs AET220 - Instrument Commercial Flight II (Lessons 36-68) $13,722.00 Instructor Time 82 hrs S.E. Simulator 8 hrs Cessna 172 56 hrs FAA Written** (2) AET240 - Multi-Engine Systems & Procedures (Lessons 69-94) $11,865.00 Instructor Time 65 hrs M.E. Simulator 10 hrs Seminole 25 hrs Flight Instructor AET230 - Certified Flight Instructor Certification $7,669.00 Instructor Time 65 hrs Cessna 172 24 hrs S.E. Simulator 1 hr FAA Written** (2) Associate Degree program total flight cost: $57,463.00. •Does not include AET 270 CFII. Students using veterans' educational benefits will only be certified for the actual cost and required flight hours of the program as identified on page 28. AET110 - Private Pilot Certification is a prerequisite. **FAA written price of $165 is included in the budgeted total for each applicable course.

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