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112-117 Doug Steakley-AFRICA_Feature 4/22/13 8:20 PM Page 6 THREE RHINOS These rhinos were grazing in Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. We observed and photographed them for a couple of hours and for a brief moment they lined up perfectly. There are five species of rhinos, often referred to as white or black. But this has nothing to do with their color. White rhinos get their name from the Dutch word "wijd," which means wide and refers to the broad shape of their mouths. Black rhinos have pointed mouths. DOUGLAS STEAKLEY ouglas Steakley is a D widely recognized ZEBRA CLOSE UP I have been trying to get a shot like this for years—it's difficult because zebra are so skittish. I finally got lucky in Zambia this young zebra did not run away. A new study has found that zebra stripes disrupt light patterns that tsetse flies and horseflies use to find food and water, making it more difficult for them to land. mel Valley. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University and was a gallery owner in Carmel for many years. His Photo: Diane McAllister photographer from Car- images have appeared in numerous calendars and magazines including National Geographic, Architectural Digest, Backpacker, and Outside. Doug enjoys teaching photography workshops and leads international expeditions to locations such as Nepal, Burma and Africa. For more information about the tours, please visit his website at Mountainsong Gallery in Carmel, Calif. will host an exhibition titled "Images of Africa," a collection of Doug's photographs from various African countries, from June 29-July 31. C ARMEL MAGAZINE•SPRING/SUMMER 2013 117

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