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WaterSmart is where our San Diego lifestyle and water efficiency meet. Each step you take has the potential to enhance your lifestyle, increase the value of your home, save money and inspire a neighbor to do the same.

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Ideas Regional Authenticity Are you one of those people whose dream vacation is ditching the tourists, eating where the locals eat, and exploring side streets in search of an authentic regional experience? According to tourism officials and urban planners, it is a natural reaction to three decades of globalization – finding the same stores, restaurants and brand names wherever you go.11 Restoring regional authenticity and incorporating it in new development is the hot trend today in urban planning, and planners have found that the natural environment is every bit as important as the built environment.12 38 What's exciting is that authentic also means sustainable. Plants native to Mediterranean climate zones love it here as much as you do. They adapted over thousands of years, and the animal species that depend on them for food and habitat adapted, too. There are thousands of ground covers, grasses, succulents, perennials, shrubs, vines and trees to choose from.

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