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Product News 14 March - April 2014 | Used FlUid drain The new Model 8592 used fluid drain from Alemite was developed for collecting fluids from beneath lift-mounted vehicles. The unit fea- tures a 26-gallon reservoir molded from high-strength, chemical-resistant polyethylene for lighter weight and reduced corrosion. Its 18-inch offset funnel includes a removable metal filter screen and secondary debris screen. The strategically located diaphragm pump can be used to transfer fluids from the collection equipment to a remote storage location. A cam-lock con- nector extends from the top of the reservoir for easy connection to a fluid transfer system. Alemite 800-822-4579 Oil stOrage tanks Fluidall's new double-wall storage tanks offer sev- eral advantages for storing oils, hydraulic fluids and biofuels. Engineered to be simpler than dealing with oil drums, the reusable tanks are easy to dis- pense from and are environmentally safe. The steel outer tank acts as the secondary containment and can hold 110 percent of the inner tank fluids for maximum protection from leaks and spills. The inner tank is made of high-den- sity polyethylene, which is leak-proof and will never corrode. Fluidall 800-849-0591 lUbriCant Mixing systeM The new Pro-Mix lubricating system from Indus- trial Innovations has the ability to blend syn- thetic, semi-synthetic and emulsified lubricants at multiple dilution ratios. The machines feature a new controls package that can run single or multiple machines and distribute at pressures up to 500 psi, providing a good solution for mixing and delivery of high-viscosity lubricants. The systems incorporate stainless-steel reservoirs for stabilizing liquids prior to mixing and a patented Pro-Drive assembly for thorough mixing, control and pressurizing of the lubricant mixture. Industrial Innovations 616-249-1525 FlOw Meter Kytola Instruments' new model SRP stain- less-steel oval gear flow meter is designed for accurate flow measurement of liquids in demanding industrial environments. The positive-displacement flow meter shows the correct flow rate regard- less of the liquid temperature, vis- cosity change or pulsating flow. Engineered with a wide range of flow rates and in connection sizes from 1/4 to 1 inch, the SRP has an accuracy of 0.5 percent and includes a choice of sensor, gear material and connection type. Kytola Instruments 678-701-3569

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