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2 6 16 18 22 30 38 46 52 54 As I see It Don't Forget Lubricant Criticality When Designing Oil Analysis Programs Overall Lubricant Criticality is one of the foundational elements needed to better design lubrication and oil analysis condition moni- toring programs. From the FIeld Is Oil Analysis a Waste of Time? Learn the pitfalls of most oil analysis programs, including machine selection, test slates, alarms and lab selection. lUBe-tIPs Our readers offer advice on a host of lubrication-related issues, including tips on regreasing during machine operation. lUBrICAtIoN ProGrAms Implementing a Training Plan to Support a World-class Lubrication Program A successful training plan can pay off with better performance, moti- vation and ultimately improved plant reliability. INdUstrY FoCUs New Test Method for Lubricant Biodegradability A new biodegradability test procedure has been developed, tested and approved. It essentially measures the loss of oil and oil-soluble metabolites over 21 days in a nature-like aqueous environment. More 29 Bookstore 36 test YoUr kNowledGe Editorial Features 44 Get to kNow 50 Now oN mAChINerYlUBrICAtIoN.Com Departments 14 ProdUCt News 28 ProdUCt sUPermArket mAINteNANCe ANd relIABIlItY Establishing an In-house Predictive Maintenance Program A two-tiered predictive maintenance program that applies multiple technologies can be beneficial for many organizations. sYNthetICs Synthetic Esters: Engineered to Perform Whether you seek excellent hydrolytic stability, biodegradability, lubricity, high viscosity index or low-temperature properties, all of these are possible with the right synthetic ester. lessoNs IN lUBrICAtIoN Anatomy of a Representative Oil Sample: Part 2 — Sample Extraction Tools The methods and tools used to extract an oil sample are crucial for quality oil analysis. CertIFICAtIoN News How to Nominate Your Company for the Gill or Battle Award Discover how you can recommend a company to receive an award from the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML). BACk PAGe BAsICs What You Should Know About Food-grade Lubricants While the future of food-grade lubricants appears bright, there are many misconceptions regarding their use. March-April 2014 10 Cover storY How to Manage Lubricant Waste and Disposal By reviewing your current procedures and implementing some of the ideas in this article, you can put your facility ahead of the curve and realize the benefits of managing your waste oil with a best-practice mentality. Contents

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