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Gale IMPACT 11 To order, call 1-800-877-4253 * This series contains many volumes available for individual purchase. Visit for a complete list. Salem Health: Adolescent Health 1st Ed. 9/30/2015 Salem Press ISBN: 9781619255463 School Violence A Reference Handbook 2nd Ed. 1/6/2015 ABC-Clio ISBN: 9781610696241 Steroids 1st Ed. 1/6/2015 Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN: 9781440803000 Suicide and Mental Health 1st Ed. 1/6/2015 Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN: 9781610695848 Teen Legal Rights 3rd Ed. 9/30/2015 Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN: 9781610697002 HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Acronyms, Initialisms, & Abbreviations Dictionary 49th Ed. 4/17/2015 Gale ISBN: 9781414487946 American Economic History: A Dictionary and Chronology 1st Ed. 9/30/2015 Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN: 9781610696982 American Eras: Primary Sources* Gale Offers full or excerpted primary sources representing a diversity of views that provide insight into the seminal issues, themes, movements, and events from each era with full color photos and illustrations. New titles include: Early American Civilization, Exploration to 1600; Development of the Industrial United States (1878-1899) & more American Law Yearbook 2014 Ed. 1/13/2015 Gale ISBN: 9781573022248 American Men & Women of Science 33rd Ed. 6/5/2015 Gale ISBN: 9781573023351 American Slavery: A Historical Exploration of Literature 1st Ed. 3/10/2015 Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN: 9781610696487 Ancient Creatures 1st Ed. 5/8/2015 Salem Press ISBN: 9781619256880 Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook 2016 Ed. 6/12/2015 Gale ISBN: 9781569958612 Gale Titles Also Available in Print. Contact your eBook Sales Consultant or go to for more info. With the HTML experience, students can easily copy citations for bibliographies. >> Easy Citing (continued on page 12) Support students' development of critical thinking skills. Learn more at Gale In Context resources engage learners at school or on the go *Global Issues in Context, named "Biggest Hit with Patrons" by Library Journal in their "Best Databases 2014" roundup, will be optimized for mobile by January 2016. The In Context family of resources uses eye-catching, engaging, topical portals to seamlessly integrate authoritative content with curriculum-aligned materials that span core subjects and 21st century themes. Biography • Canada • Global Issues * • Opposing Viewpoints Science • Student Resources • U.S. History • World History Current, media-rich, easily searchable information that's mobile responsive.

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