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12 Gale IMPACT SPRING/SUMMER 2015 Critical Survey of Shakespeare's Sonnets 1st Ed. 5/8/2015 Salem Press ISBN: 9781619255005 Cultural Studies Holiday Symbols & Customs 5th Ed. 9/30/2015 Omnigraphics ISBN: 9780780813656 Holidays, Festivals & Celebrations of the World Dictionary 5th Ed. 9/30/2015 Omnigraphics ISBN: 9780780813632 Defining Moments* 1st Ed. 9/30/2015 Omnigraphics Vivid narratives bring the crucial events in American history to life, while biographical profiles provide a close look at the players associated with the event. New titles include: The Cuban Missile Crisis & The Underground Railroad Diseases and Disorders* Lucent Books Inc. Includes systems, causes, treatments, and cures. New titles include: COPD & Parkinson's Disease Encyclopedia of Literary Characters 4th Ed. 9/30/2015 Salem Press ISBN: 9781619254985 Encyclopedia of World Biography Supplement 2nd Ed. Vol. 35 7/10/2015 Gale ISBN: 9781573029575 Ethnic American Literature: An Encyclopedia for Students 1st Ed. 4/29/2015 Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN: 9781610698818 Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History 2nd Ed. 2/23/2015 Gale ISBN: 9781573027571 Genocide and Persecution* Greenhaven Press Issues and controversies surrounding events, along with first-person narratives. New titles include: Armenia, Burma, Darfur & Rwanda Information Plus Reference Series: Spring 2015 Ed. 8 Vol. 6/12/2015 Information Plus ISBN: 9781573026765 New titles include: Electronic America, Gun Control, National Security & more Newsmakers 2015 Ed. 3/2/2015 Gale ISBN: 9781414497792 Perspectives on Modern World History* Greenhaven Press Essays are compiled from a variety of sources and include first-person narrative. New titles include: Hurricane Katrina, Assassination of Osama Bin Laden & more The Science Behind Sports: Bowling 1st Ed. 6/19/2015 Lucent Books Inc. ISBN: 9781420512526 UXL Civics 1st Ed. 5/1/2015 U X L ISBN: 9781573029667 UXL Doomed: The Science Behind Disasters 1st Ed. 6/12/2015 U X L ISBN: 9781410317780 UXL Money: Make Sense of Economics & Personal Finance 1st Ed. 8/7/2015 U X L ISBN: 9781573029834 TEST PREP & COLLEGE READINESS College Blue Book 42nd Ed. 1/7/2015 Macmillan ISBN: 9780028662800 PgMP ® Exam Challenge! 1st Ed. 9/30/2015 Auerbach Publications ISBN: 9781482202090 PgMP ® Exam Practice Test and Study Guide 4th Ed. 9/30/2015 Auerbach Publications ISBN: 9781482201369 PMP ® Exam Challenge! 6th Ed. 9/30/2015 Auerbach Publications ISBN: 9781466599871 PMP ® Exam Practice Test and Study Guide 9th Ed. 9/30/2015 Auerbach Publications ISBN: 9781482202250 Graduate Programs in the Biological, Biomedical Sciences & Health-Related Medical Professions 49th Ed. 2/6/2015 Peterson's Guides ISBN: 9780768939521 YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION eBooks (continued from page 11) * This series contains many volumes available for individual purchase. Visit for a complete list. The highlights and notes feature improves user work flow and helps organize research. Students can use multi-color highlighting and annotate to differentiate information being explored. >> Homework Tools for Students

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