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Gale IMPACT 3 To order, call 1-800-877-4253 EBOOK SECTIONS Professional Development eBooks 7 Children's Nonfiction 10 Young Adult Nonfiction 22 Adult Nonfiction NONFICTION EBOOKS BY PERSONA Librarians 7 Pre-K 7 Grades K-3 7 Grades 3-6 7 Grades 4-8 10 Teens (General Interest) 11 High School Students 12 Test Prep & College Readiness 22 Beginners 22 DIYers, Crafters, & Hobbyists 23 Health Nuts 23 Home Chefs 24 Informed Citizens 25 Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs, & Business Professionals 26 Modern Families 26 Researchers, History Buffs, & Cultural Enthusiasts 27 Travelers SUPPORT 33 How to Order 33 Your Education Sales Consultants 33 Customer Care 33 Marketing & Promotional Materials COVER STORY Top Library Leaders Share their Thoughts 6 Misty Jones of San Diego Public Library 9 Rivkah Sass of Sacramento Public Library 14 Steven Potter of Mid-Continent Public Library 18 Vailey Oehlke of Multnomah County Library FEATURES Professional Development eBooks for Librarians and Staff 13 Public Libraries Make an Impact with Career Online High School 15 Understanding (and meeting) Community Needs with Analytics On Demand 16 Online Education Programs for All Ages and Life Stages 19 Your Secret Weapon: 8 Things You Need to Know About Demographics Now 28 Enlarge Your Collection with Large Print Bestsellers RESEARCH TOOLS 4 Platform Enhancements and More 20 Research Habits of Public Library Patrons LETTERS FROM GALE LEADERS 1 Embracing a Bright Future: Three Ways We Support Our Library Partners 2 Strategy, Technology, and 60 Years of Advocacy TABLE OF CONTENTS SPRING/SUMMER 2015 INSIDE FRONT COVER INSIDE FRONT COVER INSIDE FRONT COVER

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