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88 June 2015 Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook Multisorb Technologies Corporate Description Multisorb Technologies provides innovative sorbent solutions designed to deliver superior protection against moisture, odor, oxygen, and other volatiles for pharmaceuticals, IVD and medical devices, food, high-tech electronics, and other packaged products. Meeting Market Challenges As pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face increasing global competitive market issues and must navigate a changing climate for Payor reimbursements, innovative solutions for faster market entry and reduced costs are crucial. As a global leader in stabilizing pharmaceutical products, Multisorb Technologies partners with its customers to overcome these challenges. With over 50 years of experience in the active packaging industry, Multisorb Technologies delivers proven solutions to provide stability to oxygen and moisture sensitive pharmaceutical products. Its seasoned team of packaging professionals, scientists, and engineers offer consultations to understand and solve virtually any product stability issue while helping companies achieve their objectives for faster times to market and lower costs. Multisorb Technologies 325 Harlem Rd. Buffalo, NY 14224 Tel: 716 824 8900 FAX: 716 824 4128 Email: Website: QbD Modeling Reduces Development Time Multisorb's proprietary Calculations through Operations ® is a pseudo- empirical simulation technology that helps companies increase their cash flow by reducing their development time by 6 – 12 months. Using a QbD based modeling approach, Calculations through Operations quickly identifies the optimal sorbent required to achieve the desired shelf-life for pharmaceutical formulation and dosage forms, eliminating the need for costly and lengthy sorbent ranging studies. Since 2004, over 1,000 simulations have been completed using this consultative service, helping pharmaceutical companies reduce their development time and get to market faster. Total Systems Approach Saves Money Multisorb delivers the most reliable and lowest-cost sorbent dispenser system available on the market by pairing sorbent packets with their respective dispensers. Since the sorbent packets and dispensers are designed to operate together effortlessly at an efficiency exceeding 99.997%, typical downtime issues related to incompatible system components are eliminated. The net result is the lowest total cost of ownership available for sorbent dispensing. For a complimentary consultation on how we can get your new drug product to market faster while reducing your total cost of packaging, please contact us today.

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