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P R I M A R Y – O u r W o r l d 24 Our World is a ground-breaking seven-level course for young learners that fascinates and engages students through the unique and age-appropriate National Geographic content. Through lively project work, compelling National Geographic video and an emphasis on global values, learners develop what it takes to become responsible citizens of the global community – all whilst learning English. Integrated cross-curricular content means the students are exploring science, geography and history through learning English Visual literacy is developed through the rich imagery and eye-catching material Integrated video plus surrounding activities in each unit Collaborative project work builds interpersonal skills as well as using the language in a fun context Songs and games enable students to try out the language in a fun and secure way and encourage interaction and movement Our World is supported by a series of Readers (one for each unit) which recycle the Student's Book vocabulary and introduce the students to international fairy tales, myths, legends, original fiction and non-fiction (for more information see pg 32) CEFR Pre-A1 – B1- | 7 levels BEGINNER – LOW PRE-INTERMEDIATE Dr Joan Kang Shin and Dr JoAnn Crandall B R I T I S H O R A M E R I C A N E N G L I S H S T U D E N T CD-ROM V I D E O DVD I N T E R AC T I V E W H I T E B OA R D SAMPLE PAGES worldtours F L A S H C A R D S P OS T E R S

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