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P R I M A R Y – W o r l d W o n d e r s 30 For Pupils Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 World Wonders Student's Book (*with Audio CD) 9781424059331* 9781424059348* 9781424078943* 9781111217730 World Wonders Workbook (*with Audio CD) 9781424058693 9781424059287 9781424075904 9781111218072* World Wonders Grammar Book 9781424058426 9781424059324 9781424078899 9781111218232 World Wonders Test Book 9781424058440 9781424059591 9781424078905 9781111218218 World Wonders CD-ROM 9781424058396 9781424059737 9781424078875 9781111218195 World Wonders Student Interactive eBook 9781408062753 9781408062760 9781408062777 9781408062784 For Teachers World Wonders Teacher's Book 9781424058372 9781424059300 9781424076178 9781111218164 World Wonders Test Book Answer Key 9781424058471 9781424059607 9781424078929 9781111218225 World Wonders Grammar Book with Answer Key + Tests 9781424058457 9781424059768 9781424078981 9781111218256 World Wonders Class Audio CDs 9781424058402 9781424059751 9781424078882 9781111218201 World Wonders DVD 9781424058365 9781424059720 9781424077953 9781111218188 World Wonders Interactive Whiteboard Software 9781424077960 9781424077977 9781424078912 9781111218171 Harnessing National Geographic photography and non-fiction texts World Wonders really takes young learners on an adventure through the wonders of the natural world and through different cultures and customs and teaches students about the world beyond the classroom. A four level course taking students up to an intermediate/B1 level. Pronunciation is given special attention through 'Sounds of English' boxes Songs, games and puzzles add variety and fun to learning Animated episodes of the cartoon story and National Geographic videos provide visual support and a context to the language as well as inspiring the students and capturing their imaginations Grammar is presented clearly in the Student's Book then consolidated and reviewed in the full colour Workbooks and Grammar Books and on the Interactive Pupil CD-ROM Teachers are supported with a detailed Teacher's Book, DVD, Interactive Whiteboard material, test books and ExamView ® material to make paper and online tests in minutes eBook – interactive version of the Student's Book CEFR A1 – B1 | 4 levels BEGINNER – LOW PRE-INTERMEDIATE Michelle Crawford, Katy Clements I N T E R AC T I V E E B O O K V I D E O DVD I N T E R AC T I V E W H I T E B OA R D E X A MV I E W B R I T I S H E N G L I S H AU D I O C D

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