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43 E n g l i s h I n s i g h t s – S E C O N D A R Y PRE-INTERMEDIATE – UPPER INTERMEDIATE For Students Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 English Insights Student's Book 9781408068120 9781408068137 9781408068144 English Insights Workbook with Audio CD and DVD 9781408070888 9781408070956 9781408071021 For Teachers English Insights Teacher's Guide with Class Audio CDs 9781408070864 9781408070932 9781408071007 English Insights is a motivating series for students at secondary level. It combines an acclaimed approach to learning English with stunning National Geographic images, DVD clips and articles. English Insights is a move away from the 'made up' content of many ELT coursebooks and contains National Geographic material that has been specifically chosen for its ability to engage and motivate students while allowing them to relate the content to their own world. At the same time, the content covers the grammar and vocabulary syllabus in a suitable and natural context. English Insights contains CLIL sections so students can discover science, technology, nature, history and geography through English. The Culture sections that cover the different cultures of English- speaking countries around the world with content from National Geographic enable students to explore aspects of the English-speaking world. With English Insights students: Visit amazing places and fascinating cultures with National Geographic Develop real-world language skills through age-appropriate resources Acquire skills for effective study including critical thinking, study and writing skills CEFR A2+ – B2 | 3 levels English Insights Helen Stephenson, Jane Bailey, Paul Dummett, Rebecca Robb Benne, David A Hill & Robert Crossley SAMPLE PAGES DVD AU D I O C D For Students: Student's Book • 'Writing Insights' develop students' spelling, punctuation and paragraph-writing skills • Test your skills sections train your students to tackle listening, reading and exam-type tasks with confidence • Grammar GPS reference section provides all the grammar students need to know and is cross-referenced to each unit For Teachers: Workbook with Audio CD and DVD • Includes a DVD with National Geographic videos and worksheets • Additional grammar, vocabulary and skills practice • Word lists for the Student's Book and Workbook Teacher's Guide + Class Audio CDs • Step-by-step guidance on each stage of the lessons, including developing writing skills • Full introduction to the course content and methodology • Start of year revision, extra pair work activities and progress tests

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