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49 G R A D E D R E A D E R S Page Turners B E G I N N E R – A DVA N C E D CEFR A1 – C1 | 12 levels Rob Waring and Sue Leather Page Turners is a 12 level series of original readers for learners of English. Fun and easy to read, this is a series your students won't want to put down! With genres including action, romance, thriller, crime, mystery, drama and more, there is something for everyone in the Page Turners series! Summertown Readers P R E-I N T E R M E D I AT E – U P P E R I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR B1 – B2 | 3 levels The Summertown Readers series is a carefully graded collection of fictional readers aimed at young adults and adults. The readers are written to enable language learners to enjoy reading for pleasure in English. The storylines offer intrigue, mystery and humour, and a business English slant on Readers. Level 1 Come Home 9781424046621 Roommates 9781424048977 Soccer Crazy 9781424046539 Road Trip 9781424048830 Somebody Better 9781424046416 Level 2 The Beautiful Game 9781424048779 Hacker 9781424046492 You Just Don't Know Her 9781424046485 He's Mine 9781424046638 It's Just a Cat 9781424048885 Level 3 A Kitchen Love Story 9781424046393 Running Free 9781424046386 Second Chances 9781424046423 The Lift 9781424048878 The Angels 9781424046409 Level 4 All About The Music 9781424046461 Bigfoot 9781424046454 Heart Of A Fighter 9781424046430 Trust 9781424046447 All or Nothing 9781424046478 Level 5 The Secret Beach 9781424018420 Dino Nightmare 9781424046522 Gone 9781424048731 The 400 9781424018437 Level 6 Picture In The Attic 9781424017959 Best Friends 9781424046508 The Choice 9781424046553 Three Tales of Deadly Desire 9781424046546 Level 7 Nature 9781424046584 A New Song for Nina 9781424046591 Dead Before Midnight 9781424018413 Level 8 Danny Dark 9781424017935 Light 9781424046645 Kilimanjaro 9781424048755 The Man from the Sky 9781424046515 Level 9 Bad Blood 9781424018390 The Long Road To Lucca 9781424048762 Resistance 9781424048908 The Yellow Field 9781424048748 Level 10 Joe Faust 9781424017966 Reunited 9781424018406 Samurai 9781424048847 The Boathouse 9781424048854 Level 11 Mercy Killer 9781424017942 Control Order 351 9781424048892 Battle for Big Tree Country 9781424048861 The Art of Fear 9781424018383 Level 12 Deadly Truth 9781424048915 Oscar's Journey 9781424048939 The Stranger 9781424048922 Pre-intermediate Meet me in Brazil 9780462098807 Room Service 9781905992089 Superstar 9780462098760 Intermediate Double Trouble 9780462098814 Peril in Venice 9781902741918 The Top Floor 9780462098821 Upper Intermediate Ekaterina 9781902741925 Sink or Swim 9780462098845 Awayday 9780462098838 Each reader includes: • A non-fiction section related to the story • Free MP3 audio files at • Glossary • Review section assessing comprehension • Answer Key Each reader includes: • MP3 CD with a recording of the text • Glossary • Comprehension questions for each unit A M E R I C A N E N G L I S H AU D I O C D B R I T I S H E N G L I S H SAMPLE PAGES

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