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For Students Elementary Pre Intermediate Upper Advanced -intermediate Intermediate Just Right Student's Book 9781133562979 9781111830403 9781111830441 9781111830434 9781133562931 Just Right Workbook with Key + WB Audio CD 9781133563051 9781111830397 9781111830670 9781111830533 9781133563020 Just Right Workbook + WB Audio CD 9781133563068 9781111830496 9781111830458 9781111830564 9781133563037 For Teachers Just Right Teacher's Book + Class Audio CD 9781133563044 9781111830694 9781111830724 9781111830755 9781133563013 A D U LT 62 For Students Elementary Pre Intermediate Upper Advanced -intermediate Intermediate Innovations Student's Book 9781413012682 9780759396203 9780759398412 9780759398474 9781413021844 Innovations Workbook with Answer Key 9781413012712 9780759396210 9780759398450 Innovations Workbook without Answer Key 9781413022766 9781413022780 9781413022773 9780759398504 9781413028508 For Teachers Innovations Teacher's Book 9781413012699 9780759396241 9780759398436 9780759398498 9781413028539 Innovations Teacher Resource Book 9781413012705 9780759396258 9780759398429 9780759398481 9781413028546 Innovations ExamView ® CD-ROM 9781413012729 9781413005202 9781413005196 9780759398382 9781413028522 Innovations Audio CDs 9781413012743 9780759396234 9780759398399 9780759398443 9781413028515 Just Right E L E M E N TA RY – A DVA N C E D CEFR A2 – C1 | 5 levels Jeremy Harmer, Carol Lethaby, Ana Acevedo & Ken Wilson Just Right is an integrated skills series which is designed to be used flexibly with different teaching and learning styles. Fun for learners to use and easy for teachers to adapt, this second edition allows teachers to make the class just right for their learners. Innovations E L E M E N TA RY – A DVA N C E D CEFR A2 – C1 | 5 levels Hugh Dellar & Andrew Walkley Innovations is a general English course based on a language-rich, lexical/ grammatical syllabus, it starts from the kinds of natural conversations that learners want to have. Innovations sets out to maximise students' ability to speak English with confidence and to help them begin to understand natural spoken English. • Comprehensive grammar, skills and lexical syllabuses provide a balanced learning experience • A wide range of approaches exploit different learning styles • Clearly structured grammar focuses on real-world usage • A variety of listening and speaking activities develop learner fluency • Learner training throughout the Student's Book and Workbook • FREE MP3 files for all activities in the Student's Book available online • Suitable for both newly-qualified and experienced teachers • The Innovations Student's Book contains 20 stimulating six-page units, review units and grammar commentary • Presents and practises vocabulary, collocations, fixed expressions and more idiomatic language • Motivates learners by presenting interesting and unusual texts • Emphasises sound-chunking and oral fluency • Covers productive and receptive pronunciation work • Includes in-built learner-training pages that offer tips and advice • Teaches many aspects of grammar and spoken language not found in other coursebooks AU D I O C D AU D I O C D

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