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E X A M S – C a m b r i d g e K e y, P r e l i m i n a r y a n d F i r s t P r e p a r a t i o n 72 For Students Key Preliminary First Practise and Pass for Schools Student's Book 9781905085897 9781905085910 9781909783089 For Teachers Practise and Pass for Schools Teacher's Book with Audio CD 9781905085903 9781905085927 9781909783096 AU D I O C D Practise and Pass First for Schools is based on the updated Cambridge English: First for Schools 2015 specifications SAMPLE PAGES w w Based on the Key (KET), Preliminary (PET) and First (FCE) for Schools syllabi • Based on a three step programme: Prepare, Practise and Pass • The Prepare section introduces and revises key topic vocabulary and commonly tested grammatical and lexical points • The Practise section gives students basic exam skills training through a variety of practice materials • The Pass Section tests the language and skills acquired in an exam-style task Practise and Pass for Schools K E Y, P R E L I M I N A RY A N D F I R S T KET: A2 PET: B1 First: B2 | 3 levels Megan Roderick Practise and Pass for Schools is for students who need to prepare and practise for the Cambridge English for Schools examinations over a relatively short period or alongside another coursebook. It provides around 30 hours of material and builds confidence in, and an understanding of, exactly what each exam task requires in combination with both the vocabulary topics and grammar required. Key Preliminary First Cambridge English for Schools Student's Book 9781408061558 9781408061527 9781408096000 Cambridge English for Schools Teacher's Book 9781408061565 9781408061534 9781408096017 Cambridge English for Schools Audio CDs 9781408061572 9781408061541 9781408096024 SAMPLE PAGES Cambridge English First for Schools has now been revised and updated to cater for the changes to the 2015 exam AU D I O C Ds • Eight complete practice tests; one with full guidance and two with test-taking tips • A glossary of words that students may be unfamiliar with • The Teacher's Book includes the overprinted key and full recording scripts • Students can be assured that they will receive the relevant, up-to-date, appropriate training to successfully undertake these tests • The guidance and tips sections advise students on how to approach each part of the examination and allow them to improve the skills required Cambridge English for Schools K E Y, P R E L I M I N A RY A N D F I R S T CEFR A2 – B2 | 3 levels Cengage Learning Cambridge English for Schools Practice Tests have been designed to familiarise students with the level and format of the Cambridge English Key, Preliminary and First for Schools examinations with these relevant and up-to-date practice tests. AU D I O C Ds Cambridge Practice Tests for KET and PET E L E M E N TA RY – P R E-I N T E R M E D I AT E CEFR A2 – B1 | 2 levels KET (Key English Test) is the first and most basic level of the Cambridge ESOL General English exams and PET (Preliminary English Test) is the second level. The Cambridge Practice Tests for KET and PET each contain: For Students Key Preliminary Cambridge Practice Tests Student's Book 9789604034284 9789604033294 Cambridge Practice Tests Student's Book with Audio CD and Answer Key 9781408087954 9781408060438 For Teachers Cambridge Practice Tests Teacher's Book 9789604034277 9789604033300 Cambridge Practice Tests Class Audio CDs 9789604034307 9789604033805 Six complete practice tests and hints on how to best approach each exercise type A special section on tips and teaching strategies in the Teacher's Book 'Improve Your Vocabulary' exercises which expose students to frequently tested topics and lexis 'Test Your Vocabulary' exercises that recycle key lexical items in each test Guidance on writing tasks, supported by model answers and paragraph plans in the Teacher's Book Extensive speaking practice CDs which provide listening practice with a variety of accents

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