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June 2017

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JUNE 2017 6 Moe Lastfogel Moe's Musings Views Happy Retailing, This July will mark the 10 year anniversary of our team taking over the reins of The Retail Observer. It's been an amazing time for this "news rag," as it was jokingly called at times. More on that next issue. For now, I want to discuss the education our publication provides through the writers, trade shows and groups that we work with. The first line of our mission statement reads: "To be recognized as an industry leader and innovator in providing educational information to the independent retailers across the globe." This still holds true 10 years after it was written. We strive every month to bring our readers more news, information, and education that is pertinent to today's retail world. John Tschohl and Elly Valas have been with us almost since the start of this journey. I am frequently told during my travels that John's key insights into customer service and Elly's knowledge of retail have been a great asset to many. The addition of Libby Wagner's articles on work place culture and relationships has been inspiring and has helped me in my own business dealings. Recently retired Joe Higgins of Whirlpool has been giving us a great quarterly viewpoint into the U.S. economy. The buying groups and trade associations we work with have added a great dimension to the education that we offer to our readers today. New trends, educational opportunities and trade shows are always at the forefront of what these groups and associations offer. As we head into our next decade we will strive to keep you abreast of new retail trends, smart home technologies, and many other education opportunities as they arise. If there is any area you would like for us to add to our editorial, please feel free to reach out to Eliana or myself and we will consider further resources to highlight in that area. GETTING EDUCATED We proudly support the following trade associations and buying groups throughout North America whose news and information greatly contribute to the quality of The Retail Observer and the education of our readers. Follow us on: Join us at: Become a Fan: THE RETAIL

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