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south and hang out at places like Hialeah and Calder." Dubb eventually began landscaping for a chain of banks, which led to an opportu- nity to work for builders that the banks ZHUHƬQDQFLQJ+HVWXGLHGWKHFRQVWUXF- tion closely and discovered the builders were not doing right by the bank. When Dubb brought this to the bank's atten- WLRQWKH\PDGHKLPDQRƪHUWKDWZRXOG change his life. "One day the bank I had been doing WKHODQGVFDSLQJIRUPDGHPHDQRƪHU DQGWKH\VDLGn,I\RXHYHUƬQGDSLHFHRI land and you want to build a few houses, ZHZRXOGƬQDQFH\RXoq'XEEUHFDOOHG "This was in the mid-1980's. I remember telling my friend, 'It's probably a 30-1 shot.'" The 61-year-old continued, "I found 18 lots in East Meadow, New York. We built the job and sold it out in six months and I never looked back. Since then, I've built about 7,000 homes in about 70 commu- nities in the metropolitan area." Despite Dubb's immense success and the massive size of his company, which his son Steven has since joined, he is still very hands-on. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty…lit- erally. This is evident as soon as you ap- proach his black Cadillac Escalade that is splattered in dirt, which he notes is from his construction sites, not the barn. Walking through one of his job sites about 20 minutes from Belmont Park, which will feature a hotel and 200 apart- ments, it is clear Dubb visits regularly and knows all of his employees as not one worker questions his presence while he gives the tour of the site. "Currently, I'm doing the biggest proj- HFWVLQ6XƪRON&RXQW\1DVVDX&RXQW\ 4XHHQVDQGWKH%URQ[q'XEERƪHUHG "I have a passion for building homes be- FDXVHLWUHDOO\PDNHVDGLƪHUHQFHLQSHR- ple's lives. I build extensive clubhouses in my communities because I don't just build homes; I build lifestyles." Dubb's Midas touch extends beyond

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