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January 2018

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JANUARY 2018 10 "To Technicureans, the badge is meaningful only if it delivers the values they live themselves, that of being proficient and proud in what they accomplish. It is especially true of what they create in their kitchens. They look for innovative appliances that enable every conceivable capability in the kitchen, amplified by purposeful design and the inclusion of technology to make life easier and more efficient. That's the definition of luxury we believe in," said Barbara Fuller, Signature Kitchen Suite's head of marketing. Signature Kitchen Suite delivers just that. Their new line of built-in appliances brings leading-edge technology that provides more options to prepare food in the best possible ways. Most importantly, these appliances are crafted to respect our authentic connection to food. "We know this new luxury consumer has a deeper appreciation for how food is grown, how it's raised, how it's caught, and how it finds its way onto their table," added Fuller. "So we committed to engineering appliances that preserve and prepare in the most proper manner – showing unparalleled respect for real ingredients and where they came from." SOUS VIDE, RIGHT ON THE COOKTOP AN INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Arguably the star of the lineup is the 48-inch Pro Range with sous vide on the cooktop: the only product in its class with built-in sous vide, induction and gas burners all on the same cooktop allowing for the ultimate in cooking flexibility. Sous vide (French for "under vacuum" and pronounced sue-veed) is a method of cooking that uses precise temperature to perfectly cook food on the inside without overcooking the outside. This technique, which began in upscale restaurants, results in flavors and juiciness that are almost impossible to achieve using traditional cooking methods. With an amazing 1-degree control variance, it will prepare a steak with the perfect doneness, edge-to-edge, every time. Along with the sous vide, the Wi-Fi enabled 48-inch Pro Range cooktop can be configured with both dual zone induction and gas burners. "This range is unlike anything on the market today, and it's definitely changing the playing field when it comes to appliance design and function," says Barry Bredvik, Signature Kitchen Suite's senior manager of regional sales for the Western U.S. area. "We've rigorously tested under extreme conditions, and paid close attention to details that are often overlooked." A new 36-inch Pro Range offers the largest capacity steam-assist oven on the market (6.3 cubic feet). Other features allow cooks to personalize their cooking experience with induction, griddle or sous vide. PRECISION PRESERVATION Signature Kitchen Suite's new 36-inch French Door Refrigerator is the perfect complement to its suite of cooking products. The Energy Star ® -certified French Door model is the only built-in refrigerator with a convertible middle drawer that can be set to 5 different temperature modes – from freezer foods to deli meats to wine storage. With advanced design and engineering for precise temperature control, and additional features such as hidden LED lighting to illuminate the food, Hidden-Trak bins and moveable lift- out drawers, the French Door Refrigerator by Signature Kitchen Suite makes this the most versatile interior configuration in the industry. In addition, Signature Kitchen Suite now offers the industry's largest capacity 30- and 18- inch Integrated Refrigeration Columns. Internal water dispensers are included on all refrigerator models along with Wi-Fi connectivity, engineered all-metal interior, and temperature hold within 1-degree of set point. Precise temperature control and low humidity helps to minimize food waste. AN EMERGING TRUTH Being true to food SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE EMBRACES A NEW GENERATION OF FORWARD-THINKING COOKS THAT COMBINE THEIR PASSION FOR FOOD WITH THEIR APPRECIATION FOR INNOVATION AND PRECISION. "… we committed to engineering appliances that preserve and prepare in the most proper manner – showing unparalleled respect for real ingredients and where they came from." BARBARA FULLER MARKETING DIRECTOR, SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE

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