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Reliability is all about getting out in front of your equipment, under- standing its failure modes and stopping them from happening. A lot of elements cause equipment failure, and because of this, about 90 percent of failures happen randomly. You can try to prevent failure by changing your parts before they fail; this works 12-18 percent of the time. You can attempt to predict their failure, but this is only 50 percent accurate. To achieve reliability, you need to be proactive. Although equipment fails for a lot of reasons, they all fall into one of three major categories: improper lubrication, contamina- tion and incorrect installation. Of these three, lubrication, or better said, improper lubrication is the most prominent. Improper Lubrication Improper lubrication drives mechanical wear and corrosion, which leads to prema- ture failure of your lubricated assets. If your organization does nothing else to improve reliability, you should address lubrication. It offers the biggest bang for your buck and can be implemented relatively cost effectively COVER STORY 3 CAUSES OF UNRELIABLE EQUIPMENT AND HOW TO ELIMINATE THEM By Dr. Nathan C. Wright 8 | July - August 2018 | www .

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