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delay caused by trying to expedite parts to the plant increases downtime and costs. If this delay is beyond acceptable time restraints, then it becomes necessary to use an alterna- tive part. is increases downtime and costs as well. Also, it requires additional repairs to remove the alternative parts and install the correct parts once they arrive. Now you incur more downtime, costs and wasted reliability resources, which distracts the team that could be working proactively to address other issues. Of course, downtime is a loss of production and finished product. is impacts customers and their confidence in the organization. The Storeroom as Partner e main ingredient for success from the storeroom is to continuously monitor the needs of reliability and to adapt and partner with it. To manage this relation- ship, the storeroom must be deliberate in its communications. Reliability must know what assistance it will receive and in what fashion to count on the storeroom. From a reliability standpoint, there is an expectation of parts availability. Most of the time this expectation can be met. However, when it comes to certain parts, this expecta- tion is not realistic due to costs. Reliability management and the storeroom need to communicate to operations in these situations to manage their expectations. Setting store- room expectations after analyzing the failure modes and their impact on downtime is the most effective way to ensure reliability. The best time to decide which parts are to be stocked is when the equipment is new and before it is placed into service. e original equipment manufacturer, the part suppliers and the reliability leaders should work together to determine necessary spares. Once the equipment has generated historical data, reliability can adjust inventory levels and increase or decrease the stock on hand. In larger organizations, a parts inventory planner can enhance the determination of stocking levels, re-order points and replen- ishment trigger levels. Having an inventory that reflects and supports the current operation is one of the most important steps you can take to improve cost, work efficiency and reliability. e objec- tive is to have the right parts in the right place at the right time. Combining resources from the organiza- tion and the storeroom partner to focus on the goal of cleansing the inventory is part of inven- tory accuracy. is includes providing overall coordination in fulfillment of the expectations. Improper installation can be compared to a milking stool — it has three legs that keep it from falling. e three legs are training, stores and design. If any one of these is not present, the person sitting on the stool must try to balance while also trying to produce. If you have three sturdy legs, the person/organization has the foundation to perform at its peak in this area. Which organization do you want to work for and what type of leader do you want to be? ML COVER STORY Products You Can Trust Quality Lubricants + Great Service Whether it's fixing an issue or finding the right product for your application, we want to put our years of expertise to work for your business. Summit Quality + Summit Service = Results. Let us know how we can best support you. To see all our products visit Klüber Lubrication NA LP 800.749.5823 //

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