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of ducted-fan technology, aerial sampling booms with magnetic sample ports and evacuated vacuum sample bottles with servo-activated sample valves. e type of drone used in this instance was an electric, duct- ed-fan UAV engineered to navigate indoors, outdoors and in tight spaces. In addition to offering significant lift, the duct provides added safety by shrouding the high-speed fan. With this design, there is no opportunity for the blade to contact an asset or a person, which allows for close exam- ination of the asset. e vehicle can also carry various payloads to meet customer requirements. ese types of soccer-ball-sized units are capable of vertical takeoff and hovering f light. Their duct- ed-fan architecture allows them to be compact, easy to deploy and cost-ef- fective. With a range of just more than one-half mile, these systems can be used with navigation and a wire- less data link or a tethered link for unlimited flight time. ey can also incorporate real-time data transfer, including video, infrared, ultrasonic and vibration information. As this remote sampling project continues, more research is being conducted with a review of all current technical and consulting organiza- tions, distributors, state organizations and educational institutions. Method- ologies and tools also will need to be created to refine precision sampling, as well as to assess and analyze the best practices and risks. Work is now underway to utilize the functionality of UAVs for more than just remote oil sampling. Coupling other monitoring devices is no longer on the horizon but is already being developed. As the world of condition monitoring evolves, using drones to pull an oil sample is just another example of applying high-tech tools to understand and monitor an asset's condition. ML A ducted-fan UAV ML START YOUR FREE SUBSCRIPTION www . | July - August 2018 | 29

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