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2 | July - August 2018 | O il Analysis AS I SEE IT Jim Fitch | Noria Corporation Ghost Riders That Haunt Your Oil T he def i n it ion of a c ont a m i n a nt i s any foreign "some- t hing" t hat enters a lubricant during formulation, packaging, transport, storage or ser vice. Conta minants compro- mise t he lubric a nt's integrit y, per for m a nc e a nd ser v ic e l i fe a s well a s impart harm to the machine. No lubricant is indem- nif ied from their effects or can safely co-exist with contaminants. So too, there are no lubricants or machines that can realistically be defined as contaminant-free. The hazards brought on by va rious t y pes of conta mina nts have been covered extensively in the pages of Machinery Lubrication magazine. We've shown how the damage can progress slowly or attack suddenly and destructively. Either way, contaminants are a serious lubricant disease that merit vigilant attention by lubricant analysts and reliability professionals. S ol id c ont a m i n a nt s (a l s o known as particles) come in wide- ranging sizes, shapes, hardness and Beware of those invisible particles not reported by most oil analysis labs "ese contaminants, which go unnoticed by maintenance staff and unmeasured and unreported by oil analysis labs, need to be exposed and understood."

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