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ML standardized the way samples were being taken while verifying that everyone was using clean sample bottles and that everything was labelled properly. e number of like oils was also consolidated, resulting in a drastic reduction in shop-stocked oils. In addition, compatibility testing was implemented to ensure proper lubri- cant selection. Although still a work in prog- ress, the oil analysis program has been a huge success. As more equip- ment arrives at the Kennedy Space Center for the Space Launch System program, the oil analysis program will need to expand to accommodate the space and fire- suppression system required to store oils and greases. "We knew that this was going to be a journey," Hollis added. "Being able to essentially preach the gospel from the bottom all the way to the top, especially having a strong director and program manager by you, made the team really shine." Gill Award Criteria Designed to motivate compa- nies to improve machine reliability and maintenance quality through the application of oil analysis, the Augustus H. Gill Award has specific criteria for potential recipients. ese include: • Commitment to education • Ma intena nce cu lture a nd management support • Performance measurements used • Proactive/predictive maintenance • Use of standardized procedures • Technology integration • Contamination control • Lubrication management • Oil a na lysis methods a nd strategies • Use of information technology • Continuous improvement Both the Augustus H. Gill and John R. Battle awards are open to organizations worldwide indepen- dent of any involvement with ICML. To avoid bias, ICML has chosen a policy by which it does not nominate companies. Instead, nominations must come from the companies directly via an application. If you know of any organizations that deserve to be recognized for their machinery lubrication or oil analysis programs, encourage them to apply for an ICML award. To submit a nomination for one of ICML's recog- nition of excellence awards, visit ML

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