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August 2018

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM AUGUST 2018 18 • Glide & Resilient Racks: With quiet, fluid mobility to move in and out, glide racks feature appealing flat lines while resilient racks provide rock-solid support for cookware and bakeware. • Cast Iron Grates: Robust, geometric grates form one graceful surface, crafted to withstand even the heaviest pots and pans • Backlit Knobs: A halo of luminary LEDs glows softly when the burner is lit or the oven is on. • Cinematic Lighting: In-oven LED lighting softly increases to full intensity to minimize shadows and ensure food is the hero. • Dual-Fan True Convection Plus Steam Assist: Whirling metal blades circulate air, blanketing every rack in sumptuous, steady heat. Added steam works to lock in texture, flavor and nutrients, and responsive knobs pulse as the oven reaches desired temperature. • JennAir Culinary Center: Personalized to match owner preferences and backed by precise algorithms, each cooking cycle comes equipped with full-color food photography, doneness levels, pan types and menu-specific culinary tips. • Frictionless Connectivity: Whether via home WiFi, iOS or Android devices, or voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, cooktops and ranges boast frictionless capabilities, increasing options for individualized ownership experiences. • Custom Configuration: More than 30 configurations — from grills, griddles, and brass burners to the choice of dual fuel or gas — allow for complete customization to personalize the cooking experience. Infused with chrome, the JennAir griddle cleans easily. Underneath, a serpentine element powers the preheat function, and the grill brings the BBQ indoors. UNTETHERED WALL OVENS Connected wall ovens allow consumers to master incredibly limitless results. Mirroring key product benefits of RISE professional-style ranges, including the Culinary Center and Frictionless Connectivity, connected wall ovens also boast: • Irresistible Interior: Cinematic lighting illuminates smooth racks, flat lines, and a black interior living behind an expanse of dark glass that draws owners in. • Cinematic & Chef's Lighting: In-oven halogen lighting softly increases to full intensity to minimize shadows and make food the feature while cooking, while halogen lamps above the door, front and center, further reduce shadows for clear food illumination. • Convection Tower: Unmistakable performance meets meticulous craftsmanship. This convection tower, in gleaming stainless steel, optimizes convection airflow while adding unexpected style. • V2 ™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection: Dual fans work in tandem to rapidly heat and circulate air, blanketing every rack in steady heat. • Made for Entertaining: With a generous five-cubic-foot capacity, connected wall ovens are built for entertaining with the space and power to master multiple dishes at once. • Versatile Modes: Convection cook by food type, or manually select convection modes by cooking method to remove the guesswork and increase versatility. A LINE-UP WITHOUT LIMITS Flexible enough for even the most discerning lifestyle, the JennAir urban living offerings suite just fits, allowing consumers and designers to curate a cooking space almost anywhere with 24" products designed to defy convention and break the limits of traditional installation. Each model is loaded with full-bodied frictionless connectivity, performance and style. Specific offerings include: • Steam and Convection Oven: Requiring only a 120-volt connection, this oven performs beyond the kitchen and anywhere in the home. The steam feature enables the owner to control the steam flow to the exact percentage for desired cooking results. • Wall Oven: Steady heat, circulated by whirling metal blades blankets every rack for irresistible meals, while more than 90 Culinary Assist presets allow for feasts at scale. • Speed Oven: Broil, bake, or warm up anything the heart desires at an accelerated pace with more than 150 preset cycles. • Warming Drawer: From slow roasting to rising bread, the drawer works in any room, and even outdoors. Two humidity settings provide complete control for the ultimate sensory experience, and a push-to-open door gracefully reveals food when ready to serve. • Coffee Maker: Dual broilers serve espresso to satisfy cravings, while built-in shelf space gives cups, beans, and other coffee supplies room to breathe, as the commercial- style grinder offers artisanal performance in the home. MEET THE FUTURE OF LUXURY DISHWASHERS The quietest luxury dishwasher brand makes no sacrifices when it comes to power and frictionless connectivity. Features include: • JennAir Trifecta ™ Wash System: Delivers a brilliant clean at an ultra-low volume with three-stage filtration, pressurized I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ]

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