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Text & Photography by Julia Moss SHOW & TELL ince 1959, the Great Falls Symphony has given Great Falls, a lot of things. It's given the Electric City entertainment, inspiration, and education. It's given holiday traditions. It's forged new friendships because you said "Hi" to the person siing next to you at a concert, and you both happened to be there to support the same musician. You see, the Great Falls Symphony is Great Falls. It's the retired school teacher who loves language, whether it is book-bound or sung for an audience. It's your neighbor's high schooler who you hear practicing when the window is cracked. It's everyone who loved music and didn't give up on it. On stage, performers dress in black. ey play and sing, weaving notes together to create something that is bigger than any individual. ey are one entity. Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the music and forget about who the musicians are when they aren't on stage. Do they have students? How did they become interested in music in the first place? What are things that bring them joy? e following is a compilation highlighting the diverse personalities that make up the whole. Great Falls Symphony Linda Lydiard Linda Lydiard has played violin with the Great Falls Symphony since she was a sophomore in high school, taught k-12 music education for 4 decades and won a Montana Music Educators Association distinguished service award for lifetime achievement in music education. Lydiard is optimistic for the Symphony's future. "I think this is a really good time with the core players and Grant," she said. "We have the huge opportunity now to really get some new things going. It's so neat because all of this will draw people in." Linda meets with friend and colleague, Debby Kelly. e two taught together at Loy Elementary. Kelly, aer receiving a violin as a retirement present in 2015, aended Lydiard's 5th grade string class twice a week for lessons. SiG MT 22 S

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