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ORGANIZATION q Page 10 Vinh Giang It's hard to believe that a little "kama'aina" hula girl from Hawaii would end up on the East Coast and become ingrained in ICT technology. Early dreams of a career in advertising were changed when I graduated from a college in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, where my future was destined to be in high tech. Moving to the Northeast to pursue a marketing job in the industry that called to me, I then fell into the BICSI vortex. I started in this industry as a freelance writer and trade show coordinator for many vendor companies. As a woman in a man's trade, I felt my position would be best suited behind the scenes, handling promotional responsibilities. But I became attracted to the evolving data communications business and realized that I could grow in it if I continued to learn. Being told I would become more credible if I pursued the RCDD credential became a dare that fueled my fire to succeed. Earning the Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD ® ) credential, and later the Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) Designer credential, opened doors for me in my career that were previously closed. I admired many of the industry pioneers who continued to give back to the organization through volunteering, so I sought out ways to do that, too. Since I was handling trade shows, I recognized a need for BICSI to have an exhibitor's committee so that vendors could mold the trade show experience. Together, with a handful of exhibitors in 2003, the Exhibitor Liaison Committee was formed with myself as its first chair. At BICSI conferences, the "Exhibit Hall of the Future" now exists, thanks to the many hardworking committee members over the years. BICSI provided opportunities to advance my career. I overcame the fear of public speaking and have given presentations and workshops. I looked for more ways to utilize my technical knowledge and writing skills and joined the Standards Committee as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). I am now in the Technical Services Group for the Siemon Company, where I teach contractors, provide educational seminars and support our sales team and customers with presentations on ICT trends, standards and solutions. Members mold BICSI. If they see a void, they fill it. I was proud to be one of the founding members of the Women in BICSI group to give back and become a mentor to women who are either just entering the ICT world, or who want to further their knowledge and involvement, or who may just seek comradery. BICSI strikes a personal chord, as well. I met my husband, Dale Oliver, at a BICSI conference. Industry friends and associates are now family to us. My Hawaii high school motto "Kulia Ika Nu'u" means "Strive for the Highest." I've learned that this can only be accomplished if you believe in yourself to continue to learn, evolve, grow and give back. BICSI provides a springboard for you to do just that. q More than Words from Women in BICSI "Believe" by Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, ESS; Secretary, BICSI Board of Directors; Network Cabling Specialist, The Siemon Company

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