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Created in the same vein as the area's popular Bourbon Trail, the Brewgrass Trail boasts 15 breweries in Lexington and the surrounding areas, each with its own look, feel, and approach to show- casing their beers. "There's such a sense of community in every brewery. Each one offers its own unique experience and no two are alike," said Erin Hilton, marketing and project m a n a g e r f o r V i s i t L E X , L e x i n g t o n's c o n ventions' and visitors' bureau, which o f fe r s e x t e n s i v e o n l i n e a n d i n - p e r s o n r e sources for anyone planning a trip to the Bluegrass. "The bourbon industry paired with the Brewgrass Trail makes Lexington so unique, and some of the breweries are doing some pretty cool stuff with some of the bourbon barrels, like Alltech's popular Bourbon Barrel Ale." S i n c e b r e w e r i e s a r e c o n s i d e r e d f a c - t o r i e s f o r z o n i n g p u r p o s e s , p o t e n t i a l l o cations typically available to start-ups t e n d t o b e o f f t h e b e a t e n p a t h , m o r e i n dustrial and seldom in a location where one would normally venture for a drink or a bite to eat. Once a brewery comes in and sets up shop, it can not only rein- vigorate the area, but draw in other local businesses to create a destination.

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