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February 2019

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM FEBRUARY 2019 10 Partnerships with NAHB, ASID and DLN have elevated this young brand to top-of-mind among the industry's most influential designers and homebuilders. A select group of the best specialty retailers, dealers and homebuilders in North America lined up to become a part of the brand's early success. Many of these coveted influencers have installed Signature Kitchen Suite-equipped live kitchens and have hosted elaborate cooking demonstrations befitting a brand mantra committed to respecting both the food and the cooking process. At the heart of that larger philosophy — identified by Signature Kitchen Suite as True to Food ™ — is the idea that leading-edge, tech-empowered innovation is only meaningful when it allows cooking enthusiasts to prepare food in the best, most authentic way that preserves their connection to the cooking experience. Like so much else connected to the brand in 2018, True to Food became a rallying cry for a better, more authentic and respectful relationship with our food. A NEW EPICENTER FOR TECHNICUREAN™ COOKS With an inaugural year like that, what do you possibly do for a reprise? If you're Signature Kitchen Suite, you go bigger and better – both with innovative new products and in ground-breaking new ways to showcase them to dealers, specialty retailers and custom home builders. The brand accomplished both with the January 2019 debut of the Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center (EDC), easily one of industry's most stunning, state-of- the-art appliance showplaces. Designed to explore the intersection between innovative tech and culinary passion, this 23,000-square-foot facility is opening in arguably the only place it could: California's Napa Valley, ground zero to America's epicurean culture and minutes from the latest tech breakthroughs of Silicon Valley. "Already a preferred epicurean destination thanks to its world-class wineries, restaurants and places of learning like the Culinary Institute of America, Napa Valley is also the spiritual home to today's cooks whose culinary ambitions are directly related to the level of useful technology they can bring to the kitchen," said Zach Elkin, general manager, Signature Kitchen Suite. "To say that this fast-emerging group, which we're calling the Technicureans, will have a profound impact on cooking is a major understatement." "Our goal at Signature Kitchen Suite is to provide these ENCORE PERFORMANCE Experience and Design Center demonstration kitchen Lobby entrance of the new Experience and Design Center

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