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March/April 2019 I 47 When considering smart cities and the intelligently connected ecosystem envisioned by Intel's Klaus and the ICT and IT industries at large, a number of serious questions need to be asked. Will history repeat itself? Will vested players successfully collaborate to deliver on the intelligent ecosystem or will the endeavor succumb to the failure to make the major impact that AI systems, machine learning, and cognitive computing promised to deliver to society many decades ago? Will self- driving autonomous vehicles still be tested on city streets 100 years from now (200 years cumulatively)? Only time will tell. Author Biography: Gerry Christensen is the founder and CEO of Mind Commerce, an ICT market research company specializing in primary and secondary research to keep ICT companies ahead of the competition and emerging technology curve. Gerry has 30 years of experience in planning, engineering, product management and business development for signaling, intelligent, and wireless communications networks. He is the author of many technical papers as well as co-author of the books "Wireless Intelligent Networking" and "Mobile Positioning and Location Management." Gerry can be reached at gerry@mindcommerce.com REFERENCES: 1. Klaus, Jeff, Optimizing Edge Computing for the Internet of Everywhere, Data Center Dynamics.com, May 29, 2018. 2. Moorhead, Paula, Intel Updates For AI: $1B Now, More Growth Ahead, Moor Insights & Strategy, August 2017 blog. 3. Evans, Dean, Cognitive Computing vs Artificial Intelligence: what's the difference?, March 28, 2017, IQ Intel, https://iq.intel. co.uk/cognitive-computing-vs-artifi- cial-intelligence/ 4. Bogost, Ian, Artificial Intelligence Has Become Meaningless, The Atlantic.com, March 4, 2017. 5. Evans, Dean, Cognitive Computing vs Artificial Intelligence: what's the difference?, IQ Intel, March 28, 2017. 6. Hoffenberg, Steve, IBM's Watson Answers the Question, "What's the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing?" VDC Research May 24, 2016. 7. Best, Jo, IBM Watson: The Inside Story of How the Jeopardy-winning Supercomputer was Born, and What it Wants to do Next, Tech Republic, Sept. 2013. 8. Engelking, Carl, The 'Driverless' Car Era Began More Than 90 Years Ago, Discovermagazine.com blog. Dec. 13, 2017. 9. Press, Gil, A Very Short History of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Forbes.com, Dec. 30, 2016. 10. http://techchannel.att.com/play-vid- eo.cfm/2015/2/24/AT&T-Archives-Ex- pert-Systems 11. https://www.tiaonline.org/video/ getting-real-about-ai-in-virtual-networks/ 12. Masoud, Fady, Building the Foundation for Cognitive Networking, Lightwaveonline.com, Sept. 2017. Figures 3, 4, and 5 used with permission of author. ©Infinera 2019. All rights reserved. 13. Bandopadhyay, Tapati, The 7-layer Architecture of Enterprise AI Technologies, LinkedIn Post, Feb. 6, 2018. Table 1 is copyright protected by Wipro. ©Wipro 2019. All rights reserved. 14. Mind Commerce, ©Mind Commerce 2019. All rights reserved. 15. Figure 6 is copyright protected by Mind Commerce. ©Mind Commerce 2019. All rights reserved. The "Super-Channel" innovation is taking DWDM to new heights in capacity and optical performance.

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