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SiG MT 22 BACK TO BUSINESS Text by Randy Tarum Auto insurance… We all have to buy it! Most of us don't understand it, but one thing is for sure, the emergency room is not the place to figure it out. ccidents are generally the time when many realize they should have paid more aention to what they were buying. Unfortunately, aer a crash is when many truly understand what their insurance policy covers. You know you have an insurance policy because they keep sending a bill. Now might be a good time to dust off all the paper work your insurance agent sent and get to the boom of what your policy actually covers. e best place to start understanding your coverage is to look at the declarations page, sometimes referred to as the "DEC page". is is arguably the most important page of your policy and may actually span two or three pages if the details of your coverage should require more. e DEC page 'declares' the coverage elected for each vehicle and the policy limits. e remaining paperwork is the contract describes when the insurance company must pay. Understanding Your DEC Page AUTO INSURANCE BASICS A

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