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July 2019

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JULY 2019 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 17 visionary and highly plausible principle was unable to assert itself in the market. "The machine was quite expensive – and the few people who could afford it had maids to do the housework," explains Dr. Markus Miele, executive director and co-proprietor, as he turns back the pages of time. The dishwasher only took off in earnest in private homes around 1960, when Miele turned over its Bielefeld plant production from bicycles and motorized bicycles to manufacturing fully automatic dishwashers. From the pre-wash cycle through drying, all facets of the initial models' three dishwashing programs were controlled fully automatically. In 1978, Miele introduced the world's first dishwasher with microcomputer controls and sensors, further simplifying use of the machine, while slashing water and electricity consumption. Nowadays, Miele's sensors can even detect the degree of soiling and the hardness of the water supply. FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS CREATE FRESH IMPETUS A further milestone followed in 1987. With its patented cutlery tray, Miele created a third tier which since 2010 has been height- adjustable and included sliding sections. With the 2010 introduction of AutoOpen which automatically opens the dishwasher door to the ajar position at the end of a cycle, Miele also improved drying. This innovation was followed in 2013 by fully integrated models with Knock2open – a slight tap on the door opens the dishwasher automatically without the need for a handle, which would otherwise spoil the aesthetics in a completely flush and handle-less kitchen. Throughout the years, one thing has always been at the focus of Miele's attention: Lower water and electricity consumption without compromising user convenience and top-class dishwashing performance. Miele has achieved much in this respect – as is convincingly evidenced not least by its numerous Energy Star Most Efficient dishwashers. Visit to learn more. LINE OF SÉURA OUTDOOR TVS MADE TO WITHSTAND EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS As warmer weather begins to seep in across the U.S., homeowners are looking for ways to expand their residential living spaces into the outdoors. Séura, an award-winning manufacturer of advanced TV and electronic mirror products, has developed a line of weatherproof outdoor TVs designed to make those outdoor rooms a true extension of the home. Televisions have traditionally been an inside amenity, incompatible with the outdoors. Even in shaded areas, outside environments create an ambient light that makes it hard to see a detailed picture. At the same time, open air makes it difficult to contain sound, and TVs placed outside have to compete with extra outdoor noises. But Séura's line of outdoor TVs have superior brightness, better sound, and overall supreme quality in every application – from direct sun to full shade. "We created these TVs with work-hard, play-hard consumers in mind," said Gretchen Gilbertson, CEO. "Their elegant design meets best-in-class video performance in all weather conditions. Séura Outdoor TVs enhance beautifully designed outdoor spaces and truly bring people together." Séura's Outdoor TVs are made for any outdoor space – deck, patio, or hot tub area – but even direct sunlight is no match. It is equipped with the company's exclusive Adaptive Picture Technology which continuously adjusts multiple picture settings to present optimal video quality in changing lighting conditions throughout the day. It boasts a display three times brighter than any indoor TV and 30 percent brighter than similar alternatives. Its sleek look fits seamlessly into any outdoor design, and its crisp display has amazingly sharp details to immerse viewers in the moment. What makes Séura's Outdoor TVs truly phenomenal are their superior picture and sound quality in extreme outdoor conditions, including heat, cold, moisture, dust and insects. Earth's elements will adversely affect the durability and performance of indoor TVs used outside, but Séura's premium outdoor TVs are specifically designed with all electrical connections and critical devices properly protected and sealed. They're safe, secure and durable enough to be permanently displayed and operated outside year- round in temperatures ranging from -40° F to 140° F (Ultra Bright) and -24° F to 104° F (Shade Series). Plus, Séura offers the best warranty in the industry with two years of coverage. SÉURA SHADE SERIES FEATURES: • 4K UHD HDR display • Sizes from 55" to 75" • Standard 50-watt RMS two-channel soundbar; optional 60-watt • RMS two-channel Bluetooth-enabled premium soundbar • Backed by a two-year warranty

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