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SCOTTSDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Scholastic Standards Scholastic Standards 162 2019-2020 CATALOG & STUDENT HANDBOOK 2. Complete Withdrawal from College Students elec ting to withdraw from the college must contac t the Admissions and Records Of f ice/Of f ice of Student Enrollment Ser vices no later than t wo (2) weeks* before the end of the last class meeting and may be required to f ile a writ ten request. A grade of W will be assigned in all courses for students who withdraw by the end of the 7th week * of classes. Withdrawals completed af ter this time will result in a grade of W (withdrawn, passing–not computed in the grade point average) or Y (withdrawn, failing– computed in the GPA as a failing grade). *The prescribed time limits are for full-semester classes. Time limits for classes which meet fewer than six teen (16) weeks are adjusted accordingly. (See " Impor tant Deadlines for Students ," page 159.) Failure to file an of ficial withdrawal form may result in failing grades and responsibilit y for course tuition and fees. Refunds will only be processed within the refund period. 3. Withdrawal of Financial Aid Students In accordance with federal regulations (3 4CFR 668.22), a student may be required to repay federal f inancial aid funds if they completely withdraw or are withdrawn, or fail to earn a passing grade from all classes during a semester. Fur ther information is available at the college Of f ice of Student Financial Aid. This could af fec t a student 's abilit y to receive Financial Aid in the future at any school. Faculty Withdrawal Procedures A A faculty member has the option of withdrawing a student who has accumulated unofficial absences in excess of the number of times indicated in that faculty member's attendance policy in the course syllabus (see AR 2.3.2). A grade of W (withdrawn passing, not computed in GPA) or a grade of Y (withdrawn failing, 0 grade points per credit hour) may be assigned in accordance with the course syllabus. Faculty members electing to withdraw students must record the withdrawal through the online system, including last date of attendance and withdrawal code. Students withdrawn for excessive absences may be reinstated only with the approval of the faculty member. Any impact on attendance that is protected by the exercise of students' rights under ADA/504, Title IX, Title VI, or other recognized law or policy do not count as unexcused absences for the purposes of instructor-initiated withdrawals for lack of attendance/participation. Requests for withdrawals should be referred directly to the College of Enrollment. 2.3.7 Academic Renewal Students who are returning to this college after a separation of five (5) years or more from the Maricopa Community College District, may petition for academic renewal. The request must be in writing and submitted to the Admissions and Records Office/ Office of Student Enrollment Services at the college where the grades were earned. Academic renewal at one of the Maricopa Community Colleges does not guarantee that colleges outside the Maricopa Colleges will accept this action. A cceptance of academic renewal is at the discretion of the receiving institution. 1. Prior to petitioning for academic renewal, the student must demonstrate a renewed academic per formance by earning a minimum of t welve (12) credit hours and a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher within Maricopa Colleges af ter reenrollment. 2. Upon approval, all courses taken prior to reenrollment with a grade of A , B, C, D, F, and Y will be annotated as academic renewal on the student 's permanent record. All course work af fec ted by academic renewal will not be computed in the grade point average. Courses with grades A , B or C will have the associated credit hours counted in the total credit hours earned. Such credit will not be computed in the grade point average. 3. All course work will remain on the student 's permanent academic record, ensuring a true and accurate academic histor y. 4. The academic renewal polic y may be used only once at each college and cannot be revoked once approved. 5. Students who have been granted Academic Renewal must also meet the Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress if they wish to receive f inancial aid. 2.3.8 Honors Program Each of the Maricopa Community Colleges has an honors program. Interested students should contact the college honors coordinator for information about the program and available scholarships, including the Chancellor's, Foundation's, and President's Scholarships. President's Honor List The President's Honor List for each college consists of all students who complete twelve (12) or more credit hours in residence in courses numbered 100 or higher in a given semester with a college semester grade point average of 3.75 or higher.

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