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LUBRICANT STORAGE SYSTEM Whitmore's new Lustor lubricant storage and dispensing system is specially constructed to combine storage, fi ltration and identifi cation to help maintain effi cient and organized work- fl ows while keeping lubricants dry and contaminant-free. e compact units are expandable and can fi t almost any indus- trial location. e modular design allows additional units to be added to cover as many lubricating oils as desired. e systems also provide high- quality fi ltration to guarantee an oil's quality before it enters your equipment. Whitmore 800-699-6318 METALWORKING FLUIDS e new Lubricut 4284 metalworking fl uids from Chemtool are specially formulated to provide lubricity and deter- gency to promote machine cleanliness and high-quality fi nishes of machined parts. Compatible with aluminum, bronze, copper, cast iron and steel, Lubricut 4284 is intended for machining and grinding aluminum and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Special corrosion inhibitors deliver protection against staining while remaining stable in both hard and soft water. e fl uid is also low foaming and boasts a robust lubricant fi lm strength for improved tool life and fi nish. Chemtool 815-957-4140 FLUID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Graco's new Pulse FC Fluid Control is a wire- free system engineered to help vehicle service operations automate and regulate fl uid dispensing. e system utilizes preset meters with a maximum fl ow of 18 gallons per minute. A starter kit allows users to convert the preset meters to Pulse FC and gain additional control of their fl uids. e system's software also off ers simple reporting, providing analysis to make more informed decisions about scheduling, inventory, pricing, etc. Graco 800-275-5574 LUBE ACCESSORY KIT e new LX-1470 kit from Lumax is designed to organize and store your lubrication accessories in a convenient storage case. e kit contains 11 of the company's most popular accessories, which are compatible with standard grease guns, pumps and dispensing devices. Each kit includes a 12-inch grease hose with spring, standard grease coupler, 90-degree grease coupler, 360-degree swivel grease coupler, right-angled grease coupler, 4½ -inch push-type adapter, ¾-inch needle-nose adapter, 1½ -inch needle-nose adapter, 7-inch needle-nose adapter, grease injector needle, and seal-off adapter with rubber tip. Lumax 844-660-6876 1 3 PRODUCT NEWS 1 2 3 4 32 | September - October 2019 | www .

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