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22 October 2019 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus quality, validation, & regulatory compliance Capsule checkweigher Automatic capsule checkweigher features an integrated electromagnetic force restoration weigh cell that ensures accurate measurements. Unit is easy to use and weighs any size capsule without the need to change parts and offers an output of up to 200,000 capsules per hour. Checkweigher is equipped with an automatic dejamming mechanism, which ensures constant product flow without any block- ages. Unit includes a weigh-cell calibration kit for optimizing system precision and performance. ACG Engineering, Piscataway, NJ 908 757 3425 Texture analyzer Model CTX texture analyzer is suitable for advanced tablet compression and ten- sion testing and is easy to set up, allowing users to quickly begin testing. Texture Pro software performs material evaluation and characterization tests in R&D set- tings and can save and send test data in multiple formats. Company offers a com- prehensive range of compatible probes and fixtures. Ametek Brookfield, Middleboro, MA 508 946 6200 Dissolution tester Model 2500 bathless dissolution tester uses jackets to heat the media from ambient temperature to 37°C in less than 15 minutes and as high as 99°C. Unit's touch screen control allows users to enter and track serialized stirring elements, monitor qualifica- tion status and due dates, generate reports, and store test method data. Other fea- tures include interchangeable paddles and baskets and automatic height adjustment for quick transitions between USP apparatus 1 and 2 without removing the shafts. Wireless in-shaft temperature sensor continuously monitors each individual vessel's temperature, eliminating the need for manual checks to verify compliance. Distek, North Brunswick, NJ 732 422 7585 Vertical tablet dedusters Model KD6015 vertical tablet deduster uses gentle vibrations to dedust as many as 3.5 million tablets per hour while elevating them up to 500 millimeters. System features a C820 controller with an integrated acceleration sensor to facilitate the constant flow of tablets under various loads. Deduster can also include an optional Ceia, Lock, or Safeline metal detector. Company offers a variety of upward and vertical dedusters for specialized applications with a range of conveying heights, rates, and containment. All equipment is easy to clean and requires no tools for assembly and disassembly. Kraemer US, Allendale, NJ 201 962 8200

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