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Tablets & Capsules October 2019 23 Tablet tester AT50 automatic tablet tester quickly measures a tablet's weight, thickness, width, length/diameter, and hardness providing reliable, repeatable results. Benchtop lab unit quickly tests multiple batches from production or can be set for automatic R&D testing. AutoAlign and SmartAlign systems allow tester to easily handle all tablet shapes, including difficult-to-orient oblongs, oval tablets, and even uncon- ventional convex or flat shapes. Sotax, Westborough, MA 508 417 1112 Capsule weight control system MultiNett weight control system monitors and reports the net weight of each dosed capsule to ensure high accuracy, even for microdose applications, and can check different components in various dosage combinations. Unit's continuous, precise dosage measurements optimize production by monitoring process indexes and identifying possible improvements. If necessary, the weight control system self-adjusts the dosing chamber to keep the process in line with required parame- ters. System's real-time data analysis identifies which dosators require a check without interrupting production, improving batch quality. MG America, Fairfield, NJ 973 808 8185

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