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30 October 2019 Tablets & Capsules Furthermore, the lubricating effect of SSF decreases the tablet core's adhesion to the punch face, which, together with its higher tensile strength, results in smoother tablet surfaces compared to pure MCC cores and cores containing MgSt. Since SSF is less hydro- phobic than MgSt, higher film coating adhesion values were observed for tablets using SSF. Within the group of tablets containing lubricants, the coprocessed excipient yielded the highest film coating adhesion values due to the tablets' high tensile strength and smooth surface. Conclusion Any addition of further compounds reduced MCC tablet performance. Lubricants showed a strong nega- tive effect on film coating adhesion, while disintegrants exhibited a less distinct and less diverse adverse effect. Surface roughness and hydrophobicity play a vital role in this context. The coprocessed excipient achieved higher tensile strength, a smoother tablet surface, and higher film coating adhesion compared to the physical mixtures of excipients. T&C References 1. B. A. C. Carlin, "Direct compression and the role of filler-binders," In L. L. Augsburger and S. W. Hoag, (Eds.) Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms—Tablets: Rational Design and Formulation, 3 rd ed., Informa Healthcare USA, New York, pages 173-216 (2008). 2. W. A. Strickland, E. Nelson, L. W. Busse, and T. Higuchi, "The physics of tablet compression IX: Funda- mental aspects of tablet lubrication," Journal of the Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association, Vol. 45, No. 1, pages 51-55 (1956). 3. M. S. H. Hussain, P. York, and P. Timmins, "A study of the formation of magnesium stearate film on sodium chloride using energy-dispersive X-ray analysis," Interna- tional Journal of Pharmaceutics, Vol. 42, No. 1-3, pages 89-95 (1988). 4. A. W. Hölzer, and J. Sjögren, "Evaluation of sodium stearyl fumarate as a tablet lubricant," International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Vol. 2, Nos. 3-4, pages 145-153 (1979). 5. R. Louw, "Evaluation and comparison of magnesium stearate and sodium stearyl fumarate (Pruv) as lubricants in directly compressible tablet formulations: Their effect on tablet properties and drug dissolution," Master thesis, North-West University (2003) available at repository. JRS Pharma (845 878 8300, man- ufactures a wide range of excipients for the global health science industry.

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