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Tablets & Capsules October 2019 31 Blister leak detector VeriPac UBV leak detector places blister packages under a vacuum and uses volu- metric imaging to detect leaks as small as 10 microns. Nondestructive test identi- fies a leak location in seconds. Unit requires no change parts, special tooling, parameter inputs, or sample preparations. In operation, simply input the number of blister cavities, place a blister package on the inspection plate, and press "Start." Detector displays a pass/fail result and an image of the tested package. Unit's small footprint conserves floor space and can be installed next to a packaging line for rapid feedback. Company also offers Pentapack packaging equipment for thermo- and cold-form blister packages. PTI Inspection Systems, Tuckahoe, NY 914 337 2005 Blister packaging machines Hoong-A blister packaging machines are suitable for tablets, cap- sules, and softgels and accept all common types of thermo- and cold-form materials. Depending on the model, outputs range from 150 to 900 blisters per minute. Model HM-V6 (photo) produces up to 200 blisters per minute. CAM-driven unit has a standard maxi- mum material width of 250 millimeters (280 millimeters optional) and a maximum stroke of 145 millimeters. Features include fast mold changeover and a user-friendly touch screen for easy produc- tion, monitoring, and data tracking. Blister packaging machine operates as a stand- alone unit or can be integrated with a downstream cartoner and bundler. Options include product detection/rejection, brush box, track feeding, and deep-draw, plug-assist blister forming. Key International, Cranbury, NJ 609 619 3685 blister packaging Contract packager Contract pharmaceutical packager performs bottling, blistering, heat-sealed card- ing, cartoning, labeling, and kit assembly. Company's relative humidity primary packaging suite maintains 3 percent relative humidity levels at 70°F, which extends the work-in-progress time that humidity-sensitive products and components can be opened and exposed. Contract packager's Clinton, TN, facility is within 1 day's drive of 75 percent of the US, reducing supply-chain delays. Company also offers warehouse and storage services, allowing the company to retain products and make drop shipments on request. Carton Services, a sister company, also offers carton packaging services for prescription and over-the-counter medicines nutra- ceuticals, vitamins, and personal care items. Pharma Packaging Solutions, Clinton, TN 865 494 6000 A survey of what's available

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