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32 October 2019 Tablets & Capsules Contract packager Full-service contract packager offers blister packaging services to OTC, nutraceutical, and dietar y supple- ment manufact urer s. Clients can provide pre-established designs and materials, or the company's engi- neering department can configure blisters, displays, sleeves, or trays to meet the product requirements. Packager uses a Klockner CP10 blis- ter packaging machine that accom- modates small to large r uns using standard films and backers as well as specialty films. If required, mois- t ure-resistant and child-resistant materials are available. Graphics can be printed on the front of backers, so images appear through the blister face, while product information, lot number, and expiration date remain on the back without compromising the ability to push contents through the backing. Packaging facility has FDA and New York State Board of Pharmacy registrations and is GFSI certified. GMP-trained staff follows a comprehensive set of protocols to ensure the safety and security of each package. Ruspak, Lyons, NY 315 946 9777 Blister feeder Combo frame blister feeder integrates many feeder types into one compact, standardized platform, allowing manufacturers to choose the best format for each product and facilitating the rapid exchange of format parts, reducing set-up time and limiting risk of cross contamination. Feeder formats include vibratory chute, box brush, rotary, tube, and roller feeders. Universal frame fits most existing blister packaging machines, which allows for packaging of a vari- ety of solid dose products. Elizabeth, McKeesport, PA 412 751 3000 Protect product quality and integrity through the entire production process with conveying, collection, containment and cleaning solutions. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination with end-to-end dust control Find your solution at nil

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