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56 October 2019 Tablets & Capsules industry innovations Dual dispersion mixer Planetary dual dispersion mixer com- bines kneading and high-shear input to deliver robust processing power for manufacturing pharmaceutical prod- ucts. Mixer features two rectangular stirrers and two dual-blade, high- speed dispersers that rotate on their own axes while orbiting the mixing zone on a common axis. Dual-post discharge system is designed to with- stand discharge pressure up to 100 pounds per square inch gauge. Opera- tor control comes equipped with a 20-step, 20-recipe program that ensures batch-to-batch consistency and complete traceability. Mixers are available in sizes as large as 1,000 gal- lons and achieve semi-continuous mixing and discharge using ten inter- changeable vessels. Charles Ross & Son, Hauppauge, NY 631 234 0500 Centrifugal sifter Twin XOB-PS-SS Pneumati-Sifter dual centrifugal sifter de-agglomerates and screens bulk materials in-line with a dilute-phase pneumatic conveying sys- tem. Sifter is rated for positive pressure up to 14.5 pounds per square inch gauge and comes equipped with a 14-inch vacuum, delivering the capac- ity of two independent high-output sifters in a smaller footprint. System's feed splitter evenly divides incoming material into two parallel cylindrical screening chambers where helical pads push particles and soft agglomerates through the screens. On-size particles pass through the screen mesh and dis- charge through a cone-shaped chute, while oversize particles are ejected via a manual or automatic valve into a sealed, quick-release receptacle. Fea- tures include a stainless steel finish, thread-free internals, and quick-release fittings for easy cleaning. Optional clean-in-place nozzles are suitable for pharmaceutical, food, dairy, and other contamination-sensitive applications. Company offers nylon, monofilament, woven wire, perforated plate, or wedge wire screen cylinders to maximize throughput and screen longevity for a diversity of sifting applications. Kason, Millburn, NJ 973 467 8140 advertiser index A Ackley Machine 23 Ametek Brookfield 55 B Biocaps Enterprises 14 Bosch 3 Budenheim 51 C Camfil APC 9 D DMV-Fonterra Excipients 25 Donaldson 21 J JRS Pharma 17 K Key International 41 Kikusui USA 1 L Lonza-Capsugel 5 Lorenz 14 N Natoli Cover 4 Nilfisk-Advance 32 Q Qualicaps 8, 54 R R.W. Hartnett 13 Recro Gainesville 7 S SMI 30 Suheung Capsule 12 T Techceuticals 39 Thomas Packaging 53 Tower Laboratories 49 Tri-Star Technologies Cover 2 V Vac-U-Max 6 spotlight on nutraceuticals B Best Formulations 32F G Gelita 32C Genex Bio-tech USA 32D J Jost Chemical 32H R Ribus 32E S Soft Gel Technologies 32G

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