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December 2019

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DECEMBER 2019 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 17 Wines, says, "Plum's design and technology show it was developed by someone who knows and loves wine. Plum is going to appeal to those who care about every glass of wine they drink. The attention to detail is amazing and it's damned good looking, too." Cam Baker, Proprietor at Larkmead Vineyards, says, "At Larkmead we strive to ensure that every glass of wine our customers experience is perfect. Oxidation and temperature pose two threats to any wine. Plum solves both, ensuring each glass tastes exactly as we intended when making it. Plum is going to revolutionize how consumers enjoy wine at home." And Oscar Henquet, managing director of Rudd Oakville Estate, says, "Plum will transform wine the way Nespresso did with coffee." HOW IT WORKS • Plum video: = cQAS3czcrnw • Users simply place two 750ml bottles of wine inside Plum. They don't need to remove the foil or closure. The bottle rests at a 55-degree angle, letting sediment collect in the shoulder of the bottle and not in the glass. • Plum's automated wine identification photographs each wine label and automatically recognizes the vintage, varietal, region, winery and wine from a database of more than six million wines. • The serving temperature for each varietal is automatically set for any of the 220 commercially available wine varietals and blends. Integrated solid-state cooling silently chills each bottle to the perfect serving temperature. • A motorized double-cored needle pierces the closure and pressurizes the bottle of wine with argon gas, which keeps oxygen out without affecting the wine. The needle stays in the bottle and the bottle remains pressurized until empty, preventing any oxygen from entering the system. The patent-pending needle-in-a-needle design is able to pierce any closure including natural cork, artificial cork, engineered cork, and even metal screw caps. • Stainless steel tubing, just like those used in winemaking, and an electronic seal keep the wine perfectly preserved, delivering it directly from the bottle into the glass at the touch of a button. • Plum's included argon canister holds more than 200 bottles worth of preservation, at only $0.05 per glass. Environmentally friendly, the refillable canister only needs to be changed every 18 months, on average. • Plum's integrated WiFi and web application automatically keeps track of users' wine history and allows them to see what friends, sommeliers and winemakers are drinking. PRODUCT DETAILS • Design: Conceived to match any high-end kitchen, living room or wet bar, Plum has a molded, brushed stainless steel shell in #4 finish. The front panel is finished in a high-gloss black front with a UV coating and 7" glass-paneled touchscreen. • Dimensions: 17" high, 20" deep, 15" wide (43cm x 51cm x 38cm). Weight: 45 pounds (20.4Kg). • Technology: Quad-core 64-bit processor, dual HD cameras, Bluetooth 4.1LE, integrated WiFi (802.11n), 7" high definition IPS touchscreen, integrated speaker, Ethernet port. Plum is dedicated to transforming how consumers enjoy wine from the bottle to the glass. Plum's flagship product reflects our mission of delivering the perfect glass of wine on demand, every time – preserved and at the ideal serving temperature. Plum, Inc. is headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida with offices in Palo Alto, California. Visit for more information. SCULPTURAL STYLE Lenova unveils fabulous new freestanding tub faucet Lenova is proud to introduce the perfect partner for freestanding tubs – their stunning new FST01SS Freestanding Tub Faucet! This long-and-lean design makes an impactful style statement with a bold elegance that is graceful and sleek. Its minimalist lines go equally well with a modern décor or a space that is vintage-inspired. Whatever the décor, this faucet brings a distinctive touch of luxury that enhances both the bathroom and the bath experience. Crafted of premium 304 stainless steel, this extraordinary faucet has a compact design that consumes little square footage, making it a smart choice for smaller spaces. Standing a regal 40" tall, the spout has a 11 7/16" reach and is defined by geometric planes and angles that lend a sculptural look. In keeping with Lenova's high

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