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24 April 2020 Inhalation Automated inhaler testing Astech Projects specializes in the supply of automated inhaler testing solutions for all device types including DPI, MDI and BAI. Astech's award-winning X-Prod- ucts ® range, comprising Xelair ® , Xelize ® and Xelox ® , now includes NGI sample preparation capable of recovering 5 trays in parallel. Astech provides automa- tion solutions for dose content uniformity (DCU) and particle size determination (PSD), waste firing, physical device testing, emitted dose weight, vision and inspec- tion and more. All available with REACTS ® , compre- hensive maintenance and support service. Astech Projects UK: +44 1928 571797 Inhaled dissolution dose collector (IDDC) The dissolution profile of inhaled drugs underpins therapeutic efficacy and is an area of increasing reg- ulatory scrutiny, particularly for the demonstration of bioequivalence in a generic product. e IDDC is a flexible, easy-to-use system for collecting the impactor sized mass (ISM), fine particle dose (FPD) or ex-throat dose delivered by a metered dose inhaler (MDI) or dry powder inhaler (DPI) for dissolution testing. The IDDC works efficiently with standard inhaler test accessories and a range of inlet compo- nents to reproducibly capture a representative sample for dissolution testing by USP Method 2. Copley Scientific UK: +44 1159 616229 pMDI fire down system Proveris Scientific's innovative new product Kinaero™ High-Throughput Fire Down System is designed to help customers worldwide with pMDI product devel- opment. Built to replicate human usage of devices, the Kinaero system automates the fire down process (wasting) of up to 10 pMDI devices in force- or posi- tion-driven modes. e unit is benchtop-sized and has a large touchscreen display for easy method set up and operation. It features a completely self-contained evacu- ation system, new software with product-focused opera- tion and data management, and a local database for data storage and retrieval, with controls for compliance with US 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. Proveris Scientific Corporation US: +1 508 460-8822

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